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Monday, October 31, 2005

Introducing...Armchair General Thunder Pig?!?

Baron, I accept your invitation!
Directing administration policy is a very complicated affair, and not much gets done overnight, which is probably a good thing.
We must first put persons, groups, and nations into appropriate categories: (Understanding that this is a sweeping generalization)

  • Enemy: Actively Opposed to us.

  • Leaning Hostile: opposing us, but not willing to openly bear arms against us. Would benefit from our failure.

  • Neutral: Want no part of us or anyone else involved in the conflict.

  • Leaning Friendly: Willing to provide some measure of assistance, would benefit from our success.

  • Ally: Will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us come what may.

I will survey the main Middle Eastern Players, because it is there The Great Jihad must be stopped.
Here are the reasons why I will focus on this area:
  1. This is where the greatest concentration of muslims, jihadis, and their shrines, are located.

  2. In any conflict, armed, diplomatic,ideological, or intellectual, whoever determines the battlefield has an initial advantage.

  3. It will force the opposition to devote more resources to that battlefield, and delay planned excursions out of theater.

  4. Oil is the economic engine of Western Civilization, and the engine of The Great Jihad. Whoever controls the oil, wins.
Our main forces are deployed in the Iraqi theater, engaged in what might be described as suppressive fire operations, while local friendlies are built up to take the baton.
Foreign fighters, or jihadis, are being infiltrated onto the battlefield from multiple nations. They are: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Iran. More come from elsewhere, but these will be the main focus for our purposes here.
These infiltrators are denying our forces the opportunity to effectively clear an area of combatants because more arrive from elsewhere. This is an obvious borrowing from the Viet Cong. We should handle this situation.
Use the various available methods to reduce the flow of foreign fighters onto the battlefield.
  1. Use the State Department to send a sternly worded message about the border crossings and any perceived “assistance” they have rendered the jihadis. Since I am aware that most employees in the State Department may or may not be “on our side”, my first goal will be to convince them that if they aren’t successful in communicating to their opposites, bad things will happen if our warning isn’t heeded. We would be forced to take the view that their nation was being used as a supply depot for our enemies, and a friend of our enemy is…

  2. Use spy satellites, drones, humint, and military assets to track the movements of jihadis. This would allow military and/or intelligence assets to intercept and “roll up” their networks, both inside and outside of Iraq. Covert means would be used to take key players out of the game inside and outside Iraq no matter where they are to be found, using appropriate force.

  3. Position forces where it would not be a hardship to move them across the border in pursuit of hostiles and get the message out to these nations that we are sooo close to having “had enough”.
I believe that about covers what I would do about the foreign fighter problem. I imagine it would take at least six months or so for this plan to begin to see some perceptible fruition, and perhaps some changes on the part of nations neighboring Iraq. Or at least they would severely cut back on their overt support.
End of first part
Okay, lemme know where I dreamin’!


Seems to me the hard part would be anything that begins "Use the State Department to", unless it ends with "send a note expressing grave concern" or "convene a conference about child welfare."

The State Department is definitely part of the political problem. We'll have to work around it.

Well, I've looked and can't find any evidence that our State Dept. is talking. Except for public statements.

Well, I did find one source but I can't verify it. But here it is anyway.

Of course even if true we don't know what they are saying. They most likely are saying something like "Don't go getting upset, Bushhitler isn't going to do anything. He's too busy trying to save his own self."

Or telling them that Bushhitler says he will not only pay you one thousand billion dollars (cash, in unmarked bills) but also let Walmart open some stores in Iran if you will not build any bad nukes.

Of course Iran makes our State Dept job harder when pictures like this, of this little boy. get out into the blogs (not the MSM which no one reads anymore anyway).

I am sure they have been telling Syria much the same, except they might say K-Mart instead of Walmart.

Our military is training SO troops as fast as they can but as you know the requirements and such make the graduating classes very small. Its tough to be a super trooper.

The equiping of same is where some problems start. They need high dollar toys and not many make them. Plus they are expensive and we can't seem to even afford to build and buy what we need for just a plain ol' grunt. Most of the equipment the Guard units had has been left in Iraq and Afgan, so if they deploy (for the fourth or fifth time) they will be up the creek without any equipment.

If I'm not mistaken we are still having problems getting satellites up (even after all these years) and we all know they are in decaying orbits and have to be replaced. Talk about expensive, they are. The Marines love their little drones, which are much cheaper than the ones the Army uses, but we know that the Marines always get the cheap stuff (if they get anything at all).

But lets build another Aircraft Carrier that can be blown all to hell with the latest Russian/Indian cruise missiles. We know that they are getting to be dirt cheap. (the missiles, I mean.)

It would be nice to position forces all along the borders in forts like in the ol' days. Except there are not any forts and we don't have anymore troops to put there and if we did they would have to buy military equipment and supplies from some other country because we don't have any extra and can't seem to get any and if we do its obsolete and the troops don't want it, so just give it to the Marines.

Long sentence, I ran out of periods.

Your not dreaming, your having a NIGHTMARE...and guess what your awake.

What makes the nightmare really really bad is that everyone else in this world is in it and most don't even know or want to know or if they do know, don't understand that if we don't play our cards right and really really try and win this one...

We will wake up either dead or a slave.

Papa Ray
West Texas

(too much coffee, not enought V8 and Vodka today)

Let me leave this little speech with you. It was made a couple of years ago. The speech (or others just like it) is being echoed right now today in many countries (Iran for sure).

Firm words to Muslims to be sure, but compare them with the mishmash we get from our leaders (including President Bush).

Be scared be very very scared.

Papa Ray
West Texas

I guess most people don't realize that directing the State Dept is like herding cats, only worse.

The Baron's reality-based guidelines constrain me from posting what I would really attempt were I in charge. (I would prob. be the first pres. killed by the secret service.)

In my honest opinion, we should begin our negotiations after Mecca AND Medina have been nuked. I am convinced we would never do it, even if nuked ourselves; Israel might do it, or the Chinese if they thought they could successfully lay it on our doorstep.

We should be preparing to liberate both Syria and Iran.

But, in this Armchair scenario... I'd be still fighting the Herd of Cats at State a year from now.

My heart goes out to that poor little boy. I'd love to spend some 'quality time' with those responsible, whether it was punishment (which I believe), or if it was just a father putting on a show (His 'quality time' would be worse than the others).

I will probably post another in the Armchair ies by this Saturday or Sunday... I'm still researching it.

This is your blog you can post what ever in the hell you want to.

Get in the fight. I need help. I'm outnumber by supposely right leaning whimps. Forget about the insane left and the middling middle.

The educated, smart but ignorant people over at Belmont drive me crazy. They are so smart that they defeat themselves even before ever addressing the problems.

Oh well, I guess I should stick with Redneck's Revenge, they at least don't use big words and are ready to defend themselves and their families.

By the way, I'm not sure you really read my posts, otherwise you would be either pissed, in agreement or disappointed.

You really need to read that speech. It will give you an idea of the kind of people that have a plan to destroy you, your family and our country.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray,

Believe me, I fully understand the nature of the enemies we fight, both internal and external. If I were in charge, I would've already lobbed several nukes just to start the negotiating process.
Since Islam is going for broke, we should as well. We should meet them in the field idea for idea, force for force.
In the real world... I believe our focus has been on Iran, and Iraq has been a strategic move, couple with Afghanistan to isolate the mad mullahs. My friends tell me Bush43 isn't that smart. I tell them he isn't in a vaccuum up there in D.C.
In these posts, I am trying to walk out the Baron's Carnival of Generals post.

Perhaps the Baron could create a new category for me and others... Mad Dogs.
My personal philosophy is that we should make ALL MUSLIMS fear us more than their god (with a small g).
Before that could happen, a veritable revolution in the pilitical arena must happen in the Republic we all love so much.