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Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013 Election Results Infographic: The Pie Chart Edition

Those of you who know me know how much I love the opportunity to express data in visual formats, like charts and maps and so on. So, here are a series of graphs showing the results of Tuesday's election in visual terms.

Most of the pie charts should be self-explanatory, but I added a brief description below most of them anyway.

 photo FranklinMayor_zps2d196f3c.png
Mayor Results

Vote split between the different Aldermen. People could vote for a maximum of three candidates in this race.

 photo FranklinTurnout_zpsb81aa865.png
Voter Turnout expressed as a percentage.

Voter participation in the Aldermen races. There are 2618 registered voters and there was a maximum number of 7854 possible votes in those races, so if someone only voted for one or two Aldermen, there other votes still counted as not participating in the election.

 photo MayorTurnout_zps499c5f9e.png
Voter participation in the Mayoral race. I counted the three write ins as not participating because the votes were not cast for a declared candidate.

Votes by method of voting in the Mayoral race:

 photo Scott_zps6fe77375.png

 photo Pattillo_zpsd57a129b.png
Votes by method of voting in the Aldermen races (in order of finish):

 photo McRae_zps19c82a45.png

 photo Abel_zpsc56305a4.png

 photo Mashburn_zps798d227b.png

 photo Carrion_zpsc5c0f56c.png

 photo Derrick_zps19d44e6a.png

 photo Brogden_zps28a4c9e2.png

 photo Moore_zpsf4067934.png

 photo Ritter_zps83644e2b.png

 photo Kimsey_zpsd69f263a.png

 photo Henson_zps0f08764b.png