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Friday, December 18, 2015

Dec 2015 Meeting of the Macon County Planning Board

December 2015 meeting 
of the 
Macon County Planning Board


The Macon County Planning Board met December 17th at the Environmental Resource Center on Sierra Drive and reviewed the latest changes to the Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance, discussed the ongoing efforts of the various subcommittees to update the Macon County Comprehensive Plan and discussed what future tasks the board wanted to take on after these two projects are completed.

Brittney Burns, reporter for the Macon County News and Shopping Guide, declined her appointment to the board and Board member Becky Ramey resigned due to not having enough time to devote to the planning board because of her involvement in other boards and work. The Highlands Town Board of Commissioners still has not appointed a replacement for their unfilled seat, this brings the number of empty seats on the board to three.

The board will meet next on January 21, 2016 at the Environmental Resource Center.


This meeting was streamed live on Livestream and a copy of the video is embedded here so you can see and hear for yourself exactly what transpired at the meeting. This was made possible thanks to donations from Patreon subscribers.


A draft copy of the Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance is embedded here for your review. You may follow along with the video as you read the document and the board members discuss the latest revisions to the document. This document, once the planning board approves the changes, will send it to the Board of County Commissioners, then a public hearing will be held before they vote on the changes.

(media outlets that had reporters at the meeting)

Macon Media (Bobby Coggins)
The Franklin Press (Ryan Hanchett)

No other media outlets were present.


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