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Monday, December 21, 2015

Minor tremor in eastern Tennessee felt in Macon County

The location of the December 18th earthquake
The location of the December 19th earthquake

A small quake of 2.3 magnitude occurred last night at 11:45 pm in eastern Tennessee and many people in Macon County felt it and reported hearing a loud boom and the ground shaking. There was also another loud boom and shaking that many felt around 8:30 pm, but geologists are not reporting the earlier event as an earthquake.

If you felt the 11:45 pm event, you can let the USGS know by clicking the "Did You Feel It?" on the USGS Impact Page.

For those of you who felt something at 8:30 pm, you may report that event at the USGS Tell Us Page.

I will post an update if they decide the earlier event was a quake, too.

The red dot in eastern Tennessee on the map included with this post shows where the 11:45 pm quake happened.

You can read more about this quake and others that occur in this region at the USGS Event Page for this tremor.

Earthquake Hazards Map
Earthquake Hazards Map

This map show the relative hazards for earthquakes in the region with the scale showing highest risk as red progressively lower risks as orange, yellow, peach, green dark blue with light blue being the lowest risk for an earthquake. Most of Macon County is within the middle range and usually less than a dozen of these minor tremors are felt in Macon county in most years.

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