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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December 2015 Franklin Town Board Meeting
New Aldermen Seated

The new Board of Aldermen

The Franklin Town Board of Aldermen met last night for their regular December 2015 meeting. Outgoing Aldermen Verlin Curtis, Joyce Handley and Farrell Jamison were replaced with incoming Aldermen Brandon McMahan, Adam Kimsey and Joe Collins. Patti Abel was elected Mayor Pro Tempore, or Vice Mayor. A text play by play (with photos) from the meeting can be seen on Facebook.

New Aldermen wait to be sworn into office
Pictured (R-L) are Joe Collins, Adam Kimsey, Brandon McMahan and Clerk of Superior Court Vic Perry

Last Thursday, a reception was held for the outgoing Aldermen in the lower level of town hall and a short video of that plaque presentation is below.

Now, back to the meeting that took place last night. Below are two videos, the first being a short one with Clerk of Superior Court Vic Perry administering the oath of office to the incoming Aldermen and Mayor Bob Scott, then a brief statement by the Mayor. AFter that, is a video of the entire meeting and below that is a copy of the public agenda and the agenda packet that is shared with the media.

(In the interest of promoting transparency in the local media, this a list of the local media organizations with reporters at the meeting)
Macon Media (me)
WFSC-AM/WNCC-FM (a reporter and the new News Director)
The Macon County News and Shopping Guide (one reporter)
The Franklin Press (one reporter)

Town of Franklin Board of Aldermen

Regular Scheduled Meeting

Agenda Monday December 7, 2015 7:00 p.m.
1.       Call to Order- Mayor Bob Scott
2.       Pledge of Allegiance- Vice Mayor Verlin Curtis
3.       Approval of the November 2, November 16 and December 1, 2015 Board Minutes
4.       Recognition of Service for Vice Mayor Verlin Curtis, Alderman Joyce Handley and Alderman Farrell Jamison- Mayor Bob Scott 
5.       Oath of Office for Mayor and Alderman- Macon County Clerk of Court Vic Perry
6.       Approval of the December 7, 2015 Town Board Agenda
7.       Appointment of Mayor Pro Tempore
8.       Public Session
9.       New Business
A.)   Message from Mayor Bob Scott
B.)    Presentation of Appreciation Plaque for Buddy Huckabee- Mayor Bob Scott
C.)    Presentation from the Macon Overdose Prevention Coalition- Stephanie Almeida
D.)   Street Closing Request for the New Year's Eve Ruby Drop- Tim Crabtree
E.)    Set Public Hearing for Special Use Application for Scenic Ridge Development- Land Use Administrator Justin Setser
F.)    Appointment of Members to the Town Planning Board- Land Use Administrator Justin Setser
G.)   Forward Text Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance Regarding Tasting Rooms to the Town Planning Board- Land Use Administrator Justin Setser
H.)   Budget Amendments- Finance Officer Kyra Doster
I.)      Approval of  the 2016 Town Board Regular Meeting Schedule- Town Manager Summer Woodard
J.)     Approval of the 2016 Town of Franklin Holiday Schedule- Town Manager Summer Woodard
K.)   Proposed Change to Town Personnel Policy Regarding the Accumulation of Compensation Time- Human Resource Officer Chad Simons
L.)    Appointment of Donnie Bishop to the Tourism Development Authority Board- Town Manager Summer Woodard
M.)  Appointment of Tim Crabtree to the Tourism Development Authority Board- Town Manager Summer Woodard
N.)   Municipal Agreement for Transportation Improvement Project (TIP) B-5125- Town Manager Summer Woodard

10.    Legal
A.)   Policy for Police Body Camera's- Police Chief David Adams, Town Manager Summer Woodard and Town Attorney John Henning Jr.
B.)    Ordinance amending Chapter 130 of the ordinances to deal with possession of open containers on streets and sidewalks- Town Attorney John Henning Jr

11.    Announcements
A.)   Town Employee Luncheon will be December 18, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. at the Boiler Room
B.)    Town Offices will be closed December 23, 24 and 25 for Christmas

12.    Adjourn