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Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter to the Editor
No Negative Connotation in Resignation of Mayor from Board

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor in response to the Macon County News & Shopping Guide article Thursday, April 21, 2016 “Mayor resigns from ATCC board”:

No negative connotation in Resignation.

As a founding member of the Franklin Appalachian Trail Community Council I offer for readers the following information: Facts:

1. Franklin Mayor Bob Scott was one of four people that promoted Franklin to seek designation as an Appalachian Trail Community.
2. The Franklin Appalachian Trail Community Council (by its by-laws) has two representatives from the Town of Franklin an alderman and a town employee.
3. Since the Council’s formation in 2009, until elected mayor, Bob Scott served as the town alderman representative.
4. When elected mayor Pattie Able replaced Bob Scott as the alderman representative.
5. Mayor Scott remained on the Council until his recent resignation (by its by-laws the council has a flexible membership from 11-15).

In my opinion: 

1. Mayor Scott left the Council in strong hands.
2. His love of Macon County’s surrounding natural beauty and his support to Franklin as a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts is unquestionable.
3. At this time, his leadership, managerial ability and political capital need to focus on other issues facing Franklin.
4. Franklin’s position as an A.T. Community is secure in no small part to his early vision and eight years on the Council.

Bill Van Horn

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