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Monday, April 11, 2016

NCDOT to replace bridge on Pressley Road

Bridge to be replaced on Pressley Road

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be closing Pressley Road starting today for a number of months while they replace the bridge on Pressley Road. The above photo was taken at about 7 am on April 11, 2016, just before construction was due to start.

The intersection to the east of the construction

Pictured above: the intersection to the east of construction. 

The intersection to the west of the construction

Pictured above: the intersection to the west of construction.

The intersections on either side of the construction are Pressley Road and Pressley Circle on the east, and the Pressley Road, Wallace Branch and Ray Cove Road intersection on the west. If you normally use Pressley Road on your commute between these two intersections, an alternate route will have to be taken until the road re-opens in a few months.

The NCDOT recommended detour route will be SR 1314 Wallace Branch Road to SR 1442 Old Murphy Road, then left on to SR 1442 to the intersection with SR 1471 Pressley Road.

You can track the progress of construction on the NCDOT Travel Information Management Services (TIMS) website. Macon Media will also be publishing periodic updates on this project.