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Monday, May 9, 2016

Controlled Burn Taking Place Today at County Landfill

Panoramic Shot of Debris Burning at Landfill

Bobby Coggins
Pusher and Editor
May 9, 2016

-- A controlled burn is taking place today at the Macon County Landfill. The construction company that is building the new new cell of the landfill is burning away debris from their land clearing operation at the location where the new cell of the county landfill will be built. Construction on that cell is expected to be complete by March 2017 and is expected to last several decades.

Macon Media took video and photos of the burn and they are posted below.

Some photos taken of the controlled burn from various locations have been posted below. Click on the images to view them at a larger size. You may also navigate through them be using the right and left arrow key on your keyboard or by swiping the images right and left if you are on a mobile device that uses a touch screen.