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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Over 2,000 Duke energy Customers Out of Service in Clarks Chapel and Cullasaja Communities
Restoration Estimated by 8:30 Tonight

Map of Area Impacted by Outage

Duke Energy reports that 2, 030 of their customers are currently without service in the Clarks Chapel and Cullasaja area indicated on the map included with this post. Restoration is tentative estimated at 8:30 pm this evening.
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Franklin Police have just reported a power line down on Fox Ridge Road.
time 5:42 pm on May 14, 2016

Radio Traffic

**6:00 pm** Franklin Police have not been able to locate a downed power line on Fox Ridge Circle.  If any of you know the cause of the outage, let us know in the comments.

**6:20 pm** Duke Energy reports a tree or tree limbs have fallen, taking out the electrical service. Power restoration has been moved up to 7:30 pm. Several readers in the Belleview Road area report their power is back on.

Tree down on Fox Ridge Road

**6:25 pm** This is the tree that was in the road on Fox Ridge Road that sparked the report this was where the outage was originated. Someone has cut and removed the bulk of the tree from the roadway.

Reduced Outage Location

**6:30 pm** Duke Energy has restored service to all by 12 customers in the Holly Springs Estate Road area. 12 customers remain without service. Duke estimates the power will be restored by 9:30 pm this evening.

**7:15 pm** Duke Energy has restored service to all customers in Macon County.


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