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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Note From Rabun County Emergency Management

In Preparation of the Eclipse....
A Note from Emergency Management Director, Michael Mazarky

On August 21 Rabun County will be one of the best places to see the total eclipse and is in the line of totality.

Starting on Friday, August 18, visitors will start arriving in the county. There are several events scheduled in Dillard thru the weekend and ending with the eclipse on Monday afternoon. The largest event is planned on the campus of Rabun Gap School where there are approximately 10,000 people expected.

What does this mean for the county?

We are not sure exactly how many people with visit our great county that weekend but we are expecting and planning for record numbers. This could cause heavy traffic congestion on all our roads. Emergency officials will have extra personnel to respond to calls and we are going to treat this weekend as a Severe Weather Event.

Some suggestions:

1) Please use approved viewing glasses for eye safety
2) Find a safe location for viewing.
3) Please expect large numbers of cars on the roads so plan ahead.
4) Go to the store early in the week to get necessary supplies so you don't have to get on the roads during the event.
5) If you do go out, please be prepared for heat and rain. Make sure you take your patience with you as we share our beautiful county with our guests.
6) Use this time before the eclipse to stock up and check your emergency supplies in your vehicles and you home.
7) Have a family communication plan in case cell phone service goes out.
8) If you don't have to go out, then please stay at home.

We will be putting out additional information as the date gets closer.

HAVE FUN! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!