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Saturday, November 21, 2020

COVID-19 Briefing for 11-21-2020

Here is an update for this afternoon on how humanity is dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic that is caused by SARS CoV-2. The story is told through links to news outlets, research papers, and videos. They are presented without comment.

COVID-19 Numbers from Macon County Public Health

Here are the latest COVID-19 Numbers and Demographics Report from Macon Public Health, along with a couple of charts by Macon Media to show you the long-term trends since May 30, 2020, when the health department started releasing numbers to Macon Media.


891 Detected
(+4 from Thursday and +45 from last Friday and +182 in four weeks)

49 Active
(-5 from Thursday and -17 from last Friday and +23 in four weeks)

834 Recovered
(+9 from Thursday and +62 from last Friday and +158 in four weeks)

8 Deaths
(unchanged from Thursday and unchanged from last Friday and +1 in four weeks)


6883 by MCPH
(unchanged from Thursday and +140 from last Friday and +789 in four weeks)

3640 by Others
(+60 from Thursday and +240 from last Friday and +1192 in four weeks)

10523 total
(+60 from Thursday and +380 from last Friday and +1981 in four weeks)

197 tests pending results
(+74 from Thursday and +67 from last Friday and +29 in four weeks)


Dr John Campbell: Update

NCDHHS Briefing: Dr. Mandy Cohen (11/20/20)

Inside the COVID-19 red zone: cameras on the frontlines against coronavirus | 60 Minutes Australia

UCSF School of Medicine: Update on Vaccines and Therapeutics

The 8 Flights That Show How COVID-19 Reinvented Aviation

Pfizer applies for emergency use authorization for its vaccine

Stories About Vaccines

FDA Announces Advisory Committee Meeting to Discuss COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate (Press Release) [LINK]

NeuroRx and Relief Therapeutics announce enrollment of 150 patients in phase 2b/3 trial of RLF-100 for Critical COVID-19 with Respiratory Failure [LINK]

Ethical and Scientific Considerations Regarding the Early Approval and Deployment of a COVID-19 Vaccine [LINK]

Immune cells for common cold may recognize SARS-CoV-2 [LINK]

Israel’s domestic vaccine expected to be ready for public by summer, report says [LINK]

Facebook to ban paid anti-vax ads but not posts [LINK]

Vaccine Efficacy: A Biostatistician's Primer [LINK]

Even a safe and effective vaccine could still go on to fail if the virus evolves [LINK]

Research Papers, Clinical Trials, Vaccines, and News About Testing

WHO recommends against the use of remdesivir in COVID-19 patients [LINK]

Remdesivir induced viral RNA and subgenomic RNA suppression, and evolution of viral variants in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients [LINK]

EMG: Potential application of air cleaning devices and personal decontamination to manage transmission of COVID-19, 4 November 2020 [LINK]

Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China [LINK]

Immunomodulation as Treatment for Severe COVID-19: a systematic review of current modalities and future directions [LINK]

Analysis of vitamin D level among asymptomatic and critically ill COVID-19 patients and its correlation with inflammatory markers [LINK]

COVID-19-associated Non-Occlusive Fibrin Microthrombi in the Heart [LINK]

Trends in County-Level COVID-19 Incidence in Counties With and Without a Mask Mandate — Kansas, June 1–August 23, 2020 [LINK]

SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV viral load dynamics, duration of viral shedding, and infectiousness: a systematic review and meta-analysis [LINK]

Comparative Analysis of Nanomechanical Features of Coronavirus Spike Proteins and Correlation with Lethality and Infection Rate [LINK]

Early Short-Course Corticosteroids in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19 [LINK]

Do physical measures such as hand-washing or wearing masks stop or slow down the spread of respiratory viruses? [LINK]

A case study of extended in-flight transmission of SARS-CoV-2 en route to Aotearoa New Zealand [LINK]

Prioritizing potential ACE2 inhibitors in the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from a molecular mechanics-assisted structure-based virtual screening experiment [LINK]

COVID-19 in the USA

At-Home Coronavirus Tests, COVID-19 Antibody Tests & Kits | GoodRx [LINK]

COVID-19 has been smoldering in rural America for months. Here’s why we missed it. [LINK]

CDC says you shouldn’t travel for Thanksgiving [LINK]

Long lines at O’Hare Friday before Thanksgiving reminiscent of pre-pandemic [LINK]

Moore teacher fighting COVID-19 in hospital after waiting a day for an ICU bed [LINK]

Texas National Guard troops deployed to El Paso to help with morgue crisis [LINK]

North Dakota Nurses Association Critical of State COVID Response [LINK]

As Utah coronavirus hospitalizations soar, doctors are seeing seriously ill children [LINK]

Contact Tracing Apps Were Big Tech's Best Idea for Fighting COVID-19. Why Haven't They Helped? [LINK]

CDC says mask mandates can slow Covid-19 spread [LINK]

The Enraging Deja Vu of a Third Coronavirus Wave [LINK]

COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with a 10-Day Motorcycle Rally in a Neighboring State — Minnesota, August–September 2020 [LINK]

Senate holds hearing on hydroxychloroquine, despite no evidence it works against covid-19 [LINK]

California gives Tesla 'essential workforce' exemption from new Covid-19 health orders [LINK]

COVID-19 Around the World

UK, Italy and Spain record highest daily death totals since spring [LINK]

Africa: High Death Rate in African Covid-19 Intensive Care Units [LINK]

Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble: Additional COVID-19 test for passengers from Hong Kong, flights to go ahead on Sunday [LINK]

Testing falls short as Sweden battles second pandemic wave [LINK]

Burnaby researchers fight COVID with math (Canada) [LINK]

Edmonton extends mask bylaw until December 2021 (Canada) [LINK]

Ireland: 'God can help us': Cavan priest will continue to hold Mass despite Level 5 rules [LINK]

Coronavirus: Sweden introduces alcohol curfew as 'superspreader events' are curbed [LINK]

Japan governors demand stronger, area-focused coronavirus measures [LINK]

Swiss doctors urge COVID vulnerable to declare end-of-life wishes in advance [LINK]

‘This is catastrophic’: Toronto’s second COVID-19 lockdown presents a worst-case scenario for already battered businesses [LINK]

. Korea: New virus cases exceed 300 for 4th day, amid concerns about 3rd wave of pandemic [LINK]

Covid conspiracy documentary goes viral in France, raising anti-vax fears [LINK]


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Published at 2:00am on Saturday, November 21, 2020