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Friday, October 28, 2022

Town of Franklin Asks Citizens to Voluntarily Restrict Water Usage

PRESS RELEASE (10-28-2022)

Voluntary Water Restrictions to begin October 28, 2022

The Town of Franklin is asking citizens to voluntarily restrict the amount of water being used effective October 28, 2022. Due to the lack of rain, water levels in Cartoogechaye Creek at the inflow to the water treatment plant are below normal and this has triggered a Stage 1 voluntary water restriction.

In accordance with the Town of Franklin’s Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP), a stage 1 voluntary water restriction means that all water users are being asked to reduce their normal water use by 5%. Examples of ways to voluntarily restrict water use can include eliminating of washing vehicles, waiting to wash clothes until you have a full load, checking for leaks or toilets that may be running or use of dishwashers, limiting watering or irrigating outdoor landscapes.

The Town is asking for citizen cooperation by limiting the use of water, when possible, until there is enough precipitation to raise water levels.

Any updates related to the water restrictions will be forwarded to the media and posted on the Town’s website and the Town, Police and Fire social media pages.


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Published at 3:08pm on Friday, October 28, 2022