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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Rally for Public Education 08-13-2014

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The local chapter of the North Carolina Association of Educators hosted a rally for public education today at noon at the town gazebo in downtown Franklin, NC.

Educators and supporters gathered in parrallel with other rallies across the state to protest the edeucation policies of the North Carolina Legislature and the Governor.

Speakers at the local rally were:

John DeVille, President of the local chapter of the NCAE was the Master of Ceremonies.

Jane Hipps, candidate for the 50th District NC Senate seat, was the keynote speaker.

Tyler Faetz, English teacher at Franklin High School also spoke, reminding attendees of the education forum next Wednesday night at 7pm in Tartan Hall that will be hosted by the League of Women Voters.

The full video and some photos of the local rally are posted below.

 photo P1190268_zpsa0fcf1c2.jpg

 photo P1190273_zpsac803bd5.jpg

 photo P1190277_zpsbb710a44.jpg

 photo P1190278_zps84288c4e.jpg

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