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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Public Education -- Reform or Decline?
Panel Discussion hosted by the League of Women Voters

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The Macon County League of Women Voters hosted a panel discussion entitled "Public Education in North Carolina -- Reform or Decline?"
Susan Ervin, the President of the local League of Women Voters, moderated the panel.

Panelists included:

Chris Baldwin - Superintendent of Macon County Schools

Gary Brown - Iotla Valley Elementary Principal

Stephanie Laseter - Parent

Melissa Faetz - Region 8 Teacher of the Year

Tyler Faetz –Franklin High School AP English teacher

John deVille - NCAE local representative

The panelists discussed how budget cuts and their affect on local schools. They also discussed education standards, class size teacher presence and the needs of students. Local elected officials were also allowed to make a brief statement and several members of the audience also added to the discussion. The meeting lasted a little over two hours.

Here is the full video of the panel discussion:

Susan Ervin announced that the next two meetings of the board would be focused on upcoming elections. On September 11th at noon, a forum featuring NC Senator Jim Davis and his opponent Jane Hipps will take place. On October 8th at noon, a forum for candidates for County Commissioner will take place.

Everyone is encouraged to attend these meetings to hear where the candidates stand on the issues.


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