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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Macon County Commissioners 08-26-2014

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Last night, the Macon County Commissioners reconvened a meeting that was recessed on August 12th. The agenda that was released to the general public is posted below, and below that is the agenda that was released to the local news media.

The bulk of the meeting was taken up discussing changes that were made to the Parker Meadows Recreation Facility due to the discovery of a tooth during archaelogical investigation of the site. It is estimated that it will cost in excess of $260,000 to make the changes to accomodate the gravesite. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian will also likely be building some sort of memorial onsite.

1. Reconvene and welcome – Chairman Corbin

2. Tax Releases – Tax Administrator Richard Lightner

3. Budget Amendments #26 and #27 – Finance Director

4. Insurance Proceeds for CHAF Property – County Attorney

5. Update on Parker Meadows Recreational Complex – County Manager

6. Discussion regarding resolution honoring Prentiss Baptist Church

7. Adjourn