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Thursday, August 27, 2020

COVID-19 Update for Thursday,August 27,2020
Latest numbers from Macon County Public Health Included

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Pandemic Heroes
Macon County COVID-19 News
COVID-19 in the USA
COVID-19 Around the World
Sports, Entertainment, and Other Crowded Venues

Here is an update for this afternoon on how humanity is dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic that is caused by SARS CoV-2. The story is told through links to news outlets, research papers, and videos. They are presented without comment.

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Macon County COVID-19 News

Data from Macon County Public Health as of this afternoon and graph by Macon Media of data from May 30th to August 27th [LINK]

Please note there is a gap for Saturdays and Sundays since the health department will no longer be reporting numbers on those days.

539 Detected Cases (+1 in one day)
32 Active Positive (-1 in one day)
503 Recovered (+2 in one day)
4 Death (unchanged)

Testing Data for Macon County

4933 MCPH Tests (unchanged)
1755 Tests by Others (+27 in one day)
6688 Total Tests (+27 in one day)
90 Tests Pending Results (-58 in one day)

North Carolina Coronavirus Map and Case Count [LINK]

Infographic from Johns Hopkins University [LINK]

Resources for Reliable Information about the Corona Virus (COVID-19) [LINK]

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Dr John Campbell

Well people spreading infection

Hydroxychloroquine, evidence of efficacy

Main Paper referenced in video

Low-dose Hydroxychloroquine Therapy and Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: A Nationwide Observational Study of 8075 Participants [LINK]

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 104: COVID 19 Reinfection & Immunity

North Carolina COVID-19 Update and Presentation of Budget Proposal by the Governor
(repeating for those who missed it yesterday)


Governor's Proposed Budget [PDF]

Budget Embed

Education Highlight

Recommended Adjustments

Education Employees Compensation (support those excluded in Long Session)

•Teachers and Principals - $2,000 Bonus will add $230,000,000 to the budget
•Noncertified Public School Employees - $1,000 bonus wll add $50,000,000 to the budget
•UNC System and Community Colleges Employees - $1,500 bonus wll add 80,000,000 to the budget
•Subtotal the above changes will add $360,000,000 to the budget

How Does COVID-19 Testing Actually Work?

From the video description:

Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 is easily the most defining feature of 2020. In the last 8 months the world has changed radically and there have been plenty of fumbles as countries struggle to deal with the chaos. One of the most important issues has been testing for the virus. In this video, I aim to demystify how that testing actually works down to the chemical level and show exactly how it's done. We'll be covering the viruses anatomy, as well as three types of test: PCR, LAMP and Antibody.

Earlier videos:
Gel Electrophoresis -

More resources, and citations:

Kurzgesagt Covid Overview:

A great writeup about the virus's anatomy:



Student Outbreak:

Student Outbreak 2:

Strokes In heathy people:

Organ Damage:

Aptamer Tests:

Variations in Test Accuracy:

Faulty probes:

Contaminated Swabs:

False positives FDA:

E protein structure:

MERS fact sheet:

Incidence of thromboembolism:

Stroke study:

Stroke 2:

Cardiac infection:

Asymptomatic infection rate:

Asymptomatic infection study:

Organ damage in asymptomatic patients:

Wisconsin LAMP trial:

Healthy people stroke:

LAMP Assay design:

Mutation genealogy:

Cardiac outcomes:

False negative rate:

ACE2 distribution:

Long Haulers article:

Long haulers Video:

Complete protein models:

Antibody test:

Right after this video went up, one of my awesome friends Sebastian designed new primers which are much much better than the CDC or other primers used in this video. Here are their sequences for those interested and if you'd like, check out Sebastian's work here:


Original Primers:
N2F - ttacaaacattggccgcaaa
N2-LF - gggggcaaattgtgcaatttg
N2-B3 - gacttgatctttgaaatttggatct
N2-F3 - accaggaactaatcagacaag

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Pandemic Heroes and Pandemic Documentaries

Over 1,000 US health workers died of Covid-19. Many were immigrants and minorities [LINK]

PGH doctor dies after contracting COVID-19 a second time [LINK]

Ai Weiwei releases "Coronation" - the first feature-length film on the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan [LINK]

Computational Gene Study Suggests New Pathway For COVID-19 Inflammatory Response [LINK]

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Research Papers, Clinical Trials, and News About Such

Oxford trials start in Pune, 2 volunteers get their first shots of COVID-19 vaccine candidate [LINK]

Abbott Cleared for Fast $5 Covid Test That Avoids Lab Delay [LINK]

Abbott'S Fast, $5, 15-Minute, Easy-to-Use Covid-19 Antigen Test Receives Fda Emergency Use Authorization; Mobile App Displays Test Results to Help Our Return to Daily Life; Ramping Production to 50 Million Tests a Month (press release) [LINK]

Test kit finds coronavirus on surfaces in West Michigan [LINK]

Blood clots: A major problem in severe Covid-19 [LINK]

Women may mount stronger COVID-19 immune response: Study [LINK]

6 feet may not always be enough distance to protect from COVID-19 [LINK]

Woman may have caught coronavirus in airplane toilet, researchers say [LINK]

Psychologist suggests negative impact of pandemic on friendships likely to be fleeting [LINK]

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Masks, Masks, Masks
(Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!)

Science, society, and policy in the face of uncertainty: reflections on the debate around face coverings for the public during COVID-19 [LINK]

Le Havre, France: Server attacked with a knife by a customer who refused to wear a mask [LINK]

Angela Merkel: Minimum fine of 50 euros for violating the mask requirement [LINK]

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Back to School

Download a PDF of "LIGHTING OUR WAY FORWARD: North Carolina's Guidebook for Re-opening Schools" [LINK]

Tracking Coronavirus Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities: 26,000+ Cases [LINK]

Learning experience: Pandemic calling the shots for NC schools [LINK]

All Kindergarten Students Quarantined, School Tells Parents in Late-Night Text (Mississippi) [LINK]

NC State University will close campus dorms, calling COVID situation ‘untenable’ [LINK]

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COVID-19 in the USA

The Exceptional American Relationship to Public Health: Why the United States Has Failed So Spectacularly to Control COVID-19 [LINK]

How superspreading is fueling the pandemic — and how we can stop it — “Any one of us could unknowingly be a superspreader.” [LINK]

Coronavirus cases fell by 15% this week [LINK]

Number of people with coronavirus hospitalized in North Alabama continues to decrease [LINK]

COVID-19 could permanently increase the amount of illness the health care system handles. [LINK]

Fauci says he was in surgery when task force discussed CDC testing guidelines [LINK]

Messaging about Covid-19 has changed too much and too often, quickly evolving from “flatten the curve” to something very different, so Americans aren't listening [LINK]

CDC was pressured 'from the top down' to change coronavirus testing guidance, official says - ABC17NEWS [LINK]

NY will not be following new CDC testing guidance [LINK]

Experts Alarmed as CDC Abruptly Changes COVID-19 Advice Amid Reports of Interference [LINK]

COVID-19 cases among children surge in Georgia [LINK]

UGA worker dies from COVID-19, family said she was scared to work on campus (Georgia) [LINK]

Covid Gag Rules at U.S. Companies Are Putting Everyone at Risk [LINK]

‘You can’t get close, yet you can’t stay away’: Latino cultural beliefs clash with pandemic safety [LINK]

Governor Gavin Newsom Announces Massive 150% Increase In COVID-19 Testing, Foresees Possibility of Reopening Schools, Business [LINK]

California coronavirus testing to double capacity and speed up results [LINK]

L.A. County reports cases of newborns with COVID-19 for first time [LINK]

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COVID-19 Around the World

Employers Face Increase In COVID-19 Wrongful Death Lawsuits [LINK]

WHO: Coronavirus is a "tornado with a long tail" that could cause more deaths as weather cools [LINK]

Pressure on Madrid hospitals rising as Covid-19 cases surge in Spain once more [LINK]

India reports record daily jump of 75,760 coronavirus infections [LINK]

Weekly COVID-19 cases in England decline for first time since July [LINK]

EU signs contract with AstraZeneca on supply of potential COVID-19 vaccine [LINK]

Boris Johnson has hired personal trainer Harry Jameson to lose weight, after acknowledging he was "too fat" when he caught coronavirus. [LINK]

Vaccine front-runner China already inoculating workers [LINK]

people on low pay to get Covid isolation payment in UK [LINK]

Mexico to donate Mexican-made ventilators to 8 countries [LINK]

Covid "Act Of God", We May See Economy Contract: Nirmala Sitharaman (India) [LINK]

Rape Cases In India Show No Signs Of Stopping Even During COVID-19 [LINK]

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Sports, Entertainment, Public Transportation, and Other Crowded Venues

William & Mary cheerleader survives 3-month battle with COVID-19 [LINK]

Coronavirus NZ: Mount Roskill Evangelical Fellowship in Auckland exposes hundreds to COVID-19 [LINK]

Restaurants make plea for government support as over half of eateries face bankruptcy in next three months [LINK]

Pogba was tested positive for COVID-19 [LINK]

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Published at 6:00pm on Thursday, August 27, 2020