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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Live Coverage of Perseverence Rover Landing on Mars

The Perseverance Rover will be attempting a landing on Mars this afternoon and here are some resources to allow you to watch the event in realtime or to bookmark and return to later. After the event is over, video clips, images, and other information will be added to the end of the article. There are also resource to assist you in learning more about this mission. 


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Mission Briefing from CBS 
(more background videos are posted below the live feeds)


Mission Control Live: A 360 Degree Video
(can use VR Goggles or Google Cardboard)

Everyday Astronaut Hosted Stream
(Tim Dodd is a Citizen Journalist Who Covers Space)

PBS News Hour
(a restream of the NASA-TV Stream)

Background Information

Official NASA Website for the mission [MARS 2020]

Wikipedia has information about the flight in a format that is more easily accessed than the NASA website [Wikipedia]

The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover VS Curiosity - What's New? What's Improved?

Reserved For Additional Coverage After the Landing

Update #1 4:30pm

The landing was successful and they've had some images from one of the low-resolution engineering hazard cameras. The rover carries 23 different cameras, ranging from low resolution and specialized cameras to a 20 megapixel color camera that can take single shots and do panoramic shots.

Here are the first images:

Here is a short video from SciNews that recaps the landing

Macon Media will post more images and video as they come in. Until then, here is a video shot by Veritasium (a citizen journalist who focuses on science toipics) of the Ingeniuty Drone that will be flown on Mars as part of this mission.


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Published at 1:30pam on Thursday, February 18, 2021