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Monday, January 9, 2023

News and Weather Briefing for Monday, January 09, 2023

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Precipitation chances increase today ahead of a cold front. The cold front crosses the area tonight before cool, dry high pressure returns Monday into Wednesday. A low pressure system will track out of the west Thursday into Thursday night, before crossing the region on Friday. This system will bring precipitation chances back to the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia to end the workweek.

2022 Full Year in 5 Minutes US Weather Radar Time Lapse Animation | Radar Time Lapse


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Local Weather

General Forecast Through Monday Night

Franklin Area


Mostly cloudy through midmorning, then gradual clearing, with highs in the lower 50s. Winds out of the northwest around 5 mph.


Increasing clouds, with lows in the upper 20s. Calm winds.


Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with highs in the mid-to-upper 50s. Light and variable winds.

Tuesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows around freezing. Calm winds.


Partly sunny, with highs near 60.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the mid 40s.
Highlands Plateau


Partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny, with highs in the mid 40s. Winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 mph in the morning decreasing to 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 25 mph.


Increasing clouds, with lows around 30. Winds out of the north around 5 mph becoming calm before midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs near 50. Calm winds in the morning increasing to come out of the west around 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows around freezing. Winds out of the northwest 3 to 6 mph.


Partly sunny, with highs near 50.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the lower 40s.

Otto and South Central Macon County


Partly sunny, then gradually becoming sunny, with highs in the lower 50s. Winds out of the north 5 to 10 mph.


Increasing clouds, with lows around 30. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 50s. Light and variable winds.

Tuesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s. Calm winds.


Partly sunny, with highs in the upper 50s.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the mid 40s.

Nantahala Area


Mostly cloudy through mid morning, then gradual clearing, with highs in the mid 40s. Winds out of the northwest 3 to 6 mph.


Increasing clouds, with lows around 30. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the lower 50s. Calm winds.

Tuesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s. Calm winds.


Partly sunny, with highs in the mid 50s.

Wednesday Night

A 30 percent chance of showers after 5am. Mostly cloudy, with lows in the mid 40s.

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Hazards and Tropical Weather

Hazardous weather is not expected today or tonight.

Latest US Drought Monitor Map for North Carolina.

Space Weather The X-Factor Returns with Radio Blackouts & Storms for Solar Probe | Space Weather News 01.09.2023


• Damaging 2022 Atlantic hurricane season draws to a close [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]

• Atlantic hurricane season ends with 14 named storms [AP News]

Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
700 PM EST Wed Nov 30 2022

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days.

This is the last regularly scheduled Tropical Weather Outlook of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Routine issuance of the Tropical Weather Outlook will resume on May 15, 2023. During the off-season, Special Tropical Weather Outlooks will be issued as conditions warrant.

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24 Hour Smoke Forecast

No known appreciable smoke field will be crossing Macon County today or tonight.

PM2.5 AQI is 30 (GOOD) for most of the county, and the ridges and other higher elevations PM2.5 AQI is 30 (GOOD)

Fire and Smoke Map

Local Air Monitor


Pollen levels are expected to be in the low-medium range (1.7 out of 12) today with Juniper being the main culprit. Tomorrow is expected to be in the low range (2.1 out of 12).

Record Weather Events for January 9th

Record weather events for this date in Macon County

Highest Temperature 73°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station in 1949
Lowest Temperature -11°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station in 1970
Greatest One-Day Rainfall 3.10 inches in Highlands in 1879
Greatest One-Day Snowfall 4.0 inches in Highlands in 1944

Weather Extremes for Macon County for the month of January Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 78°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 01-28-1999
Lowest Temperature -19°F in Highlands on 01-21-1985
Greatest Rainfall 5.10 inches in Highlands on 01-12-2018
Greatest Snowfall 10.5 inches at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 01-08-1988

Record Weather Events for January 9th in North Carolina

Highest Temperature 81°F in Washington, Beaufort County in 1907
Lowest Temperature -16°F in Waynesville, Haywood County in 1970
Greatest Rainfall 3.25 inches at Lake Toxaway, Transylvania County in 1978
Greatest Snowfall 9.0 inches in Hendersonville, Henderson County in 1944
Weather Extremes for North Carolina for the month of January Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 86°F in Marion, Mcdowell County on 01-24-1927
Lowest Temperature -34°F in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County on 01-21-1985
Greatest Rainfall 9.18 inches in Lake Toxaway, Transylvania County on 01-13-2018
Greatest Snowfall 28.00 in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County on 01-28-1998

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Macon Calendar
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Local and State News

• Father of 3 young children dead after 'altercation' from 'ongoing dispute,' officials say [WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC)]

• New NC legislative session brings raft of issues, unpredictable action [WRAl-TV (Raleigh, NC)]

• Swain County Schools to operate as normal after 'threatening social media post' addressed [WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC)]

• Word from the Smokies: Old wallet helps archivist breathe new life into Cades Cove history [Smoky Mountain News]

• Town board talks 2023 goals, hopes [Sylva Herald and Ruralite]


• Macon County Sheriff's Office Investigating Death on Stiwinter Mountain Road [Macon Media]

• Franklin Town Council - January 2023 Regular Meeting [Macon Media]

9th Annual Ruby Drop in Franklin, NC [Watch on Facebook]

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Special Section: The Russo-Ukrainian War
(sharing of a particular source is not an endorsement)

• Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 08 [Institute for the Study of War] [PDF for January 8th]

• Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 316 [Al Jazeera]

• LIVEBLOG: Day 319 of Russian aggression against Ukraine [TVP World]

• Russo-Ukrainian War. Day 319: Russia transfers 300 Ukrainian children to Moscow for “medical treatment” [Euromaiden Press]

Will Belarus Invade Ukraine? - One-Armed Myanmar War Machine? | FUNKER530 - Veteran Community & Combat Footage

• xxx [xxx (video and audio)] [xxx (article archive)]

• Russia, Ukraine exchange 50 prisoners of war each [France 24]

• Ukraine denies Russian claim it killed hundreds of soldiers [Al Jazeera]

• Ukraine denies Russian claim it killed 600 soldiers [BBC News]

News from Russian or pro-Russian outlets or Video About the Russian Perspective

• New US House chief makes pledge on Ukraine aid – media [Russia Today]

• Russian air defences shoot down two UAVs over Sevastopol, Crimea [Pravda]

• Ukrainian security services prepare anti-Russia provocation in Kharkov Region [TASS]

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National and World News Roundup

• Liveblog: Lula promises to punish far-right rioters who stormed Brazil's federal buildings [France 24]

• Brazil’s President declares federal security intervention due to riots in capital [TVP World]

US, European Union Condemn Riots in Brazil by Bolsonaro Backers | Bloomberg Markets and Finance

How the storming of Brazil's Congress compares to U.S. Capitol Hill riots | CBC News

• Jair Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Congress, High Court: Many call for military intervention to remove leftist leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva [Wall Street Journal]

• Ben Sasse officially resigns from Senate to become University of Florida president [CBS News]

• San Francisco has experienced the wettest 10-day period since 1871, says NWS [KABC-TV (Los Angeles, CA)]

• Elementary student describes lockdown horror at Virginia school where police say a 6-year-old shot a teacher [CNN]

• US Farmers win right to repair John Deere equipment [BBC News]

• Iranian planning chemical weapons attack arrested in Germany [Jerusalem Post]

Meet the Press full broadcast — Jan. 8 | NBC News

Face The Nation: Markarova, Escobar, King | Face the Nation

Brooks and Capehart on the political chaos in the House | PBS Newshour

Global National: Jan. 8, 2023 | Flight PS752 victims remembered in memorials across Canada

Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 8th)

PBS NewsHour full episode, January 08, 2022

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COVID-19 News and Updates

Here is a section on COVID-19. It includes local, regional, state, national, and global items.

COVID-19 Numbers for Macon County:

• WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard [World Health Organization]

In United States of America, from 3 January 2020 to 5:30pm CET, 6 January 2023, there have been 99,423,758 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,082,265 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 16 December 2022, a total of 652,464,668 vaccine doses have been administered.

Globally, as of 5:30pm CET, 6 January 2023, there have been 657,977,736 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,681,433 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 22 December 2022, a total of 13,073,712,554 vaccine doses have been administered.

• New variant XBB.1.5 is ‘most transmissible’ yet, could fuel covid wave [Washington Post]

• 'Kraken' subvariant shows COVID continuing to evolve, vaccine equity needed: experts [CTV News]

• Mass testing to end the COVID-19 public health threat [Science Direct]

• China’s Covid wave threatens another snarl of U.S. medical supply chain [NBC News]

• Why do China’s ‘mild’ Covid symptoms feel so unbearable? [South China Morning Post]

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Science and Technology News Roundup

• ‘Holy grail’ wheat gene discovery could feed our overheated world | Climate crisis [The Guardian]

• Virgin Orbit aims to launch historic mission from UK on Monday []

• Elon Musk drove more than a million people to Mastodon – but many aren’t sticking around [The Guardian]

• Pterosaurs may have been able to fly as soon as they hatched [Science News]

• US Department of Agriculture approves first-ever vaccine for honeybees [Engadget]

• Inventor of the world wide web wants us to reclaim our data from tech giants [CNN]

• Seattle's schools are suing tech giants for harming young people's mental health [NPR]

• One of America's most hated companies hired a security robot. It didn't go well [ZD NET]

• Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets, and the Energy Sector [National Law Review]

• Analysis Shows U.S. Wind and Solar Could Outpace Coal and Nuclear Power in 2023 [EcoWatch]

• Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 drops white paper on building the open metaverse [Venture Beat] [PDF of White paper]

• Yes, the Great Books Make Us Better People [New York Times]

Podcasts and Long Form Videos (History, Culture, Science, Space, Technology and Current Events)
Anything covering educational, entertainment, history, current events, and technology topics

Interstellar Colonization Strategies | Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur

Battle of Verneuil, 1424 ⚔️ A Second Agincourt ⚔️ England vs France ⚔️ Hundred Years' War | HistoryMarche

What Milankovitch Cycles Will Do To Earth | Astrum

WEIRD Laptops are Coming...- CES 2023 | Linus Tech Tips

What Did the German Public Know About the Holocaust During WWII? | Today I Found Out

SpaceX Starship Updates, Transporter 6, Stoke Space & A Crazy Future Awaits Compilation | Marcus House

What Happened To The Boeing 747? | CNBC

Is Poland Europe's Next Military Superpower? A Look at the Country's Growing Defense Capabilities | Warographics

The Ancient Dinosaur Graveyards Of Australia's Outback - Dinosaurs In The Outback | Timeline

Brewing Mesopotamian Beer - 4,000 Years Old | Tasting History with Max Miller

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Russo-Ukrainian War Videos (mostly long form)

--> Why War Economies don't collapse (until they do) - why Russia and Ukraine won't collapse tomorrow | Perun

Ukrainians celebrate Orthodox Christmas under shadow of war | Al Jazeera

What the new US Congress means for the rest of the world | DW News

'All they can expect here is death': Ukraine prepares for another attack from Belarus | FRANCE 24

Hear why Putin ordered a temporary truce in Ukraine | CNN14.6M subsc

Russian attacks on Ukraine continue despite ceasefire promises | BBC News

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On This Day

January 9 is the ninth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar; 356 days remain until the end of the year (357 in leap years).

Historical Events

Historical Events

(Please note that the Wikipedia articles often contain a bibliography and links to where you can learn more about a historical event)

Today in History for January 9th | Associated Press

681 – Twelfth Council of Toledo: King Erwig of the Visigoths initiates a council in which he implements diverse measures against the Jews in Spain.

1127 – Jin–Song Wars: Invading Jurchen soldiers from the Jin dynasty besiege and sack Bianjing (Kaifeng), the capital of the Song dynasty of China, and abduct Emperor Qinzong of Song and others, ending the Northern Song dynasty.

1349 – The Jewish population of Basel, believed by the residents to be the cause of the ongoing Black Death, is rounded up and incinerated.

1431 – The trial of Joan of Arc begins in Rouen.

1760 – Ahmad Shah Durrani defeats the Marathas in the Battle of Barari Ghat.

1787 – The nationally known image of the Black Nazarene in the Philippines was transferred from what is now Rizal Park to its present shrine in the minor basilica of Quiapo Church. This is annually commemorated through its Traslación (solemn transfer) in the streets of Manila and is attended by millions of devotees.

1788 – Connecticut becomes the fifth state to ratify the United States Constitution.

1792 – Treaty of Jassy between Russian and Ottoman Empire is signed.

1793 – Jean-Pierre Blanchard becomes the first person to fly in a balloon in the United States.

1799 – British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger introduces an income tax of two shillings to the pound to raise funds for Great Britain's war effort in the Napoleonic Wars.

1806 – Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson receives a state funeral and is interred in St Paul's Cathedral.

1816 – Humphry Davy tests his safety lamp for miners at Hebburn Colliery.

1822 – The Portuguese prince Pedro I of Brazil decides to stay in Brazil against the orders of the Portuguese King João VI, beginning the Brazilian independence process.

1839 – The French Academy of Sciences announces the Daguerreotype photography process.

1857 – The 7.9 Mw  Fort Tejon earthquake shakes Central and Southern California with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent).

1861 – American Civil War: "Star of the West" incident occurs near Charleston, South Carolina.

1861 – Mississippi becomes the second state to secede from the Union before the outbreak of the American Civil War.

1878 – Umberto I becomes King of Italy.

1903 – Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson, son of the poet Alfred Tennyson, becomes the second Governor-General of Australia.

1909 – Ernest Shackleton, leading the Nimrod Expedition to the South Pole, plants the British flag 97 nautical miles (180 km; 112 mi) from the South Pole, the farthest anyone had ever reached at that time.

1914 – The Phi Beta Sigma fraternity is founded by African-American students at Howard University in Washington D.C., United States.

1916 – World War I: The Battle of Gallipoli concludes with an Ottoman Empire victory when the last Allied forces are evacuated from the peninsula.

1917 – World War I: The Battle of Rafa is fought near the Egyptian border with Palestine.

1918 – Battle of Bear Valley: The last battle of the American Indian Wars.

1921 – Greco-Turkish War: The First Battle of İnönü, the first battle of the war, begins near Eskişehir in Anatolia.

1923 – Juan de la Cierva makes the first autogyro flight.

1923 – Lithuanian residents of the Memel Territory rebel against the League of Nations' decision to leave the area as a mandated region under French control.

1927 – A fire at the Laurier Palace movie theatre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, kills 78 children.

1941 – World War II: First flight of the Avro Lancaster.

1945 – World War II: The Sixth United States Army begins the invasion of Lingayen Gulf.

1957 – British Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden resigns from office following his failure to retake the Suez Canal from Egyptian sovereignty.

1960 – President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser opens construction on the Aswan Dam by detonating ten tons of dynamite to demolish twenty tons of granite on the east bank of the Nile.

1961 – British authorities announce they have uncovered the Soviet Portland Spy Ring in London.

1964 – Martyrs' Day: Several Panamanian youths try to raise the Panamanian flag in the U.S.-controlled Panama Canal Zone, leading to fighting between U.S. military and Panamanian civilians.

1991 – Representatives from the United States and Iraq meet at the Geneva Peace Conference to try to find a peaceful resolution to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

1992 – The Assembly of the Serb People in Bosnia and Herzegovina proclaims the creation of Republika Srpska, a new state within Yugoslavia.

1992 – The first discoveries of extrasolar planets are announced by astronomers Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail. They discovered two planets orbiting the pulsar PSR 1257+12.

1996 – First Chechen War: Chechen separatists launch a raid against the helicopter airfield and later a civilian hospital in the city of Kizlyar in the neighboring Dagestan, which turns into a massive hostage crisis involving thousands of civilians.

1997 – Comair Flight 3272 crashes in Raisinville Township in Monroe County, Michigan, killing 29 people.

2004 – An inflatable boat carrying illegal Albanian emigrants stalls near the Karaburun Peninsula en route to Brindisi, Italy; exposure to the elements kills 28. This is the second deadliest marine disaster in Albanian history.

2005 – Mahmoud Abbas wins the election to succeed Yasser Arafat as President of the Palestinian National Authority, replacing interim president Rawhi Fattouh.

2005 – The Sudan People's Liberation Movement and the Government of Sudan sign the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to end the Second Sudanese Civil War.

2007 – Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the original iPhone at a Macworld keynote in San Francisco.

2011 – Iran Air Flight 277 crashes near Urmia in the northwest of the country, in icy conditions, killing 77 people.

2014 – An explosion at a Mitsubishi Materials chemical plant in Yokkaichi, Japan, kills at least five people and injures 17 others.

2015 – The perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris two days earlier are both killed after a hostage situation; a second hostage situation, related to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, occurs at a Jewish market in Vincennes.

2015 – A mass poisoning at a funeral in Mozambique involving beer that was contaminated with Burkholderia gladioli leaves 75 dead and over 230 people ill.

2021 – Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 crashes north of Jakarta, Indonesia, killing all 62 people on board.

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Published at 5:00am on Monday, January 09, 2023
Author: Bobby Coggins

Resources used to compile the information in this article include, but are not limited to the following websites or books:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This Day in North Carolina History, World War II Day By Day, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, The Timetables of History, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The World History and Book of Facts (multiple years), On This Day In History: Over 4,000 facts, The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space, This Day in North Carolina History, The Smithsonian History of Space Exploration: From the Ancient World to the Extraterrestrial Future, Spaceflight, 2nd Edition: The Complete Story from Sputnik to Curiousity, The Story of Civilization (11 volumes), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, American History, Volume 1: 1492-1877, American History, Volume 2: 1877 - Present, A Complete Chronolgy of the Second World War. Weather and Almanac data and information sources: Sources (except where otherwise credited):, Ian Webster's Github, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, The National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Hurricane Center, Penn State University Electronic Wall Map, The State Climate Office of North Carolina, Storm Prediction Center, U.S. Naval Observatory, University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and the Weather Prediction Center. Back to Top