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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Will Congressman Heath Shuler Debate Carl Mumpower?

The congressman has already fled me once when faced with a question of debating his challenger. Watch what happens when I ask the question again...

If you think Congressman Shuler should debate Carl Mumpower and Keith Smith, please call his offices and ask why won't he?

Has he been captured by Washington Values?

Washington Number (202) 225-6401
Asheville Number (828) 252-1651

I am sure we would all benefit from seeing how Shuler stacks up to his challengers, Carl Mumpower and Keith Smith.

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Excellent job TP! Shuler is showing his disdain for the people's right to make a more informed decision through the debate process. His hypocritical reaction to any mention of a debate between himself and Carl Mumpower is telling.

Shuler and his handlers are for keeping the business as usual, vote buying politics. As we see from the millions that have come from outside of NC to buy the election. And these millions coming into Shuler's campaign coffers do not have the concerns of the citizens of NC in mind. No, this money is to buy the Congressional seat for Shuler. Add to influence the votes of the bought and paid for Congressman.

As I said, it's political business as usual with Heath Shuler.

Mumpower wants to change the way elections are financed. And that means refusing to accept pac, or party money. As he says, "he will "earn" his seat, not have it bought for him by special interests, who expect favors for their contributions.

Good video, TP!

I was watching the live feed, and saw you wait in line to talk to him...and laughed myself silly when he turned and ran from you!!!

Sack the Quarterback!

JR in Franklin
WNC Conservatives

Keep at it, TP.

The audio of the old WNCNN clip got out of synch. How'd that happen?

The more debates, the better.

That happens to all clips downloaded from you tube. I was in a hurry, and did not take the time to resample the audio. Perhaps the guys at the NRCC will, or I will when I put together another version.

I have a source in Shuler's Campaign that says his advisors are terrified of having debates...and that they are hoping to have as few as possible.

Certainly, we will not see the Congressman engaging and listening to questions and comments from event attendees like Mumpower has done.

I cannot speak for Keith Smith, because he has not answered a single email I have sent him...and can find no list of campaign events for his stealh campaign.