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Monday, November 21, 2016

Cartoogechaye Elementary Students Express Thanks to Firefighters

This just in from the Macon County School System:

Ms. Sheila McClure, teacher assistant at Cartoogechaye Elementary School, began a great community service act for the firefighters. She asked students at Cartoogechaye to write thank you letters to the fireman. So far, Ms. McClure has taken 100 thank you letters that have been placed in the firefighters' lunch sacks as well as 76 letters for the firefighters to mail home to their families. The students at Cartoogechaye will continue to write letters to be given to firefighters. Ms. McClure knows first-hand what the firefighters face. Her husband Richard is a firefighter with the US Forest Service. Thank you Ms. McClure and the students and staff at Cartoogechaye Elementary for giving thanks to these firefighters! We appreciate each and every one!