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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rock Mountain Fire
11-19-2016 AM Briefing

Rock Mountain Fire 
Photo taken Nov 17th by Noel Livingston 
Image cropped by Macon Media

The Rock Mountain Fire to our south is mostly in Rabun County and has extended into Towns, Clay and a tiny portion of Macon County. The maps below will show the exact location of the fire as mapped by the USFS on the afternoon of November 18th, 2016 and include other data such as statistics and radio frequencies that the public can plug into their radio scanners to monitor the operation as it happens. Due to the terrain and distance, reception may be sporadic at best for listeners more than a few miles away. Click on any of the images in this article to enlarge.

Inciweb is an excellent source of general information about the fire and includes details about closures and evacuations. [LINK]

Fire behavior is expected to be extreme today after the winds behind the cold front arrive. The plan is to focus on structure protection and keep the fire away from habitats where endangered species are known to exist. Winds will be from the northwest today, blowing 15-20 mph in the area of the fire, with gusts to 50 mph in places.

The fire has consumed 9,382 acres and is estimated to be 30% contained. There are 482 personnel working the fire. The operational plan for the northern sector includes using the Appalachian Trail as a fire line to stop the northward expansion of the fire. Lines are being built to tie in with this existing structure.

Rock Mountain Fire 
Google Earth Edition 
Nov 19th AM Briefing
A map from Google Earth showing the size of the Rock Mountain Fire and where it is in relation to local landmarks.

Here is a briefing provided by Noel Livingston, the Incident Commander of the Rock Mountain Fire, on Tuesday, November 15th at the Rabun County Courthouse. The video is about 25 minutes in length. The numerical data is 4 days old at this point.

Rock Mountain Fire 
North Sector Detail with annotations 
Nov 19th AM Briefing
A detailed view of the northern sector of the Rock Mountain Fire with fire lines marked and a frequency list for those who wish to monitor the progress of the USFS as they combat this wildfire.


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