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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Explosion and Fire Closes Colonial Pipeline Again

An explosion has claimed the life of a member of a contract crew working on the Colonial Pipeline yesterday. The pipeline is shut down again, but it is currently unknown how long it will be shut down or the impact to the east coast fuel supply situation. The pipeline was shut down for several days in September of this year, resulting in a gas crunch in our region. [Read more]

If the pipeline is shut down long enough to cause a supply shock, please remember to not panic and top off your tank every time you see a gas station with fuel. Just fill up as you normally would, and that will help minimize any inconvenience to refueling your vehicles.

Colonial Pipeline

Shortly before 3:00 pm EDT on October 31st, a contract crew working on Colonial’s gasoline pipeline (Line 1) in Shelby Co., Alabama, experienced an incident when the trackhoe it was using hit the line. Gasoline was ignited and caused a fire, which continues to burn.
Five individuals were transported to Birmingham-area hospitals for treatment, and there was one fatality recorded at the scene. Our deepest condolences go out tonight to the family and friends of the person who was lost today, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured.
The Alabama Forestry Commission and Shelby County emergency responders, supplemented by mutual aid from surrounding counties, responded to the incident site immediately, and we wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for their continued service and efforts.
After the incident occurred, Colonial shut down its two mainlines, which traverse Shelby County. Those lines remain down at this hour.
The incident location is several miles from the site of a Sept. 9 spill in Shelby County.



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