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Monday, November 21, 2022

News and Weather Briefing for Monday, November 21, 2022

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Dry and cool high pressure will persist over the region today. A passing upper disturbance will bring limited moisture to the southeast Tuesday before dry air returns Wednesday into Thursday. A strong low pressure system will push across the region Thursday night through Friday night, resulting in cold NW flow through the first part of the weekend.

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Local Weather

General Forecast Through Wednesday Night

Franklin Area


Sunny, with highs in the mid 50s. Calm winds.


Partly cloudy, with lows around 30. Calm winds.


A 20 percent chance of rain after noon. Mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid-to-upper 50s. Calm winds.

Tuesday Night

A 20 percent chance of rain before 9pm. Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 60s.

Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s.
Highlands Plateau


Sunny, with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. Winds out of the southeast around 5 mph in the morning decreasing to become light and variable in the afternoon.


Mostly cloudy, with lows around freezing. Winds out of the northwest 3 to 5 mph.


A 20 percent chance of rain after 10am. Mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. Light and variable winds.

Tuesday Night

A slight chance of rain, mixing with snow after 2am, then gradually ending. Mostly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s. Light winds out of the northeast. Chance of rain is 20%.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid 50s.

Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s.

Otto and South Central Macon County


Sunny, with highs in the mid 50s. Light winds out of the south.


Partly cloudy, with lows around 30. Calm winds.


A 20 percent chance of rain after 11am. Mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid 50s. Calm winds.

Tuesday Night

A 20 percent chance of rain before 11pm. Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid 30s. Calm winds.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the lower 60s.

Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the mid-to-upper 30s.

Nantahala Area


Sunny, with highs in the lower 50s. Calm winds.


Partly cloudy, with lows around freezing. Calm winds.


A 20 percent chance of rain after 1pm. Partly sunny, with highs in the low-to-mid 50s. Calm winds.

Tuesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the upper 30s. Calm winds.


Sunny, with highs in the upper 50s.

Wednesday Night

Partly cloudy, with lows in the upper 30s.

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Hazards and Tropical Weather

Hazardous weather is not expected today or tonight. Relative humidity levels will be dropping below 30% for much of the afternoon, so if you do burn outsoors, please exercise caution.

Drought Update from the NC Climate Office


Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
100 AM EST Mon Nov 21 2022

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 5 days.

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24 Hour Smoke Forecast

Smoke fields from fires across the southeast will be crossing the county today.

PM2.5 AQI is 45 (green) for most of the county, and the ridges and other higher elevations PM2.5 AQI is 45 (green). Tomorrow and Wednesday are forecast to worsen.

Fire and Smoke Map

Local Air Monitor


Pollen levels are expected to be in the low range (0.1 out of 12) today with Ragweed being the main culprit. Tomorrow is expected to be in the low range (0.3 out of 12).

Record Weather Events for November 21st

Record weather events for this date in Macon County

Highest Temperature 73°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station in 1985
Lowest Temperature 7°F in Highlands in in 1937
Greatest Rainfall 2.39 inches in Highlands in 1985
Greatest Snowfall (no snowfall has been recorded on this date since records started being kept)

(the excessive rainfall was due to the remnants of Hurricane Kate)

Weather Extremes for Macon County for the month of November Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 83°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 11-04-2003
Lowest Temperature -3°F in Highlands on 11-25-1950
Greatest Rainfall 4.69 inches in Highlands on 11-29-1914
Greatest Snowfall 6.0 inches in Highlands on 11-28-1922

(the excessive rainfall was due to the remnants of Hurricane Hilda)

Record Weather Events for November 21st in North Carolina

Highest Temperature 89°F in Wadesboro, Anson County in 2016
Lowest Temperature 2°F in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County in 1987
Greatest Rainfall 3.40 inches in Belhaven, Beaufort County in 1952
Greatest Snowfall 4.8 inches in Jefferson, Ashe County in 1937

Weather Extremes for North Carolina for the month of November Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 89°F in High Point, Guilford County on 11-04-1974
Lowest Temperature -12°F in Grandfather Mountain, Avery County on 11-15-1969
Greatest Rainfall 9.70 inches in Lake Toxaway, Transylvania County on 11-19-2003
Greatest Snowfall 13.00 in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County on 11-01-2014

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Macon Calendar
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Local and State News

• NC lawsuit on political power hampered by lost emails, delayed by procedure, lawyers say [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC)]

• Driver in Raleigh Christmas parade death had multiple tickets for violating Va. vehicle rules [Raleigh News and Observer]

• NC Democrats' parity in Congress delegation may be fleeting [WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC)]

• Brasstown Ringers 2022 Holiday Schedule [Macon Media]

• Mountain Voices Christmas Concert - December 8 at FUMC at 7 pm [Macon Media]

• Angel Medical Center CEO Column for November 2022: November is a Good Time to Reflect on Gratitude and Self-Care for Better Health [Macon Media]

• Town of Franklin Releases Information About Winter Wonderland 2022 [Macon Media]

• Town of Franklin Extands Voluntary Water Restrictions Through November 16, 2022 [Macon Media]

• Town of Franklin Asks Citizens to Voluntarily Restrict Water Usage [Macon Media]

State Budget Details

• NC Budget Table of Contents [Google Drive (PDF)]

• NC House Bill 103: 2022 Appropriations Act [Google Drive (PDF)]

• Joint Conference Committee Report on the Current Operations Appropriations Act of 2022 [Google Drive (PDF)]

• House Bill 103 Information and Voting History [NC General Assembly Website]

• Raises for state employees, preparations for recession, in proposed state budget [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC)]

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Special Section: Russo-Ukrainian War Updates
(sharing of a particular source is not an endorsement)
(Longer videos are in the Russo-Ukraine Videos section)

• Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 20 [Institute for the Study of War] [PDF for November 20th]

• Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 270 [Al Jazeera]

• LIVEBLOG: 270th day of Russian aggression against Ukraine [TVP World]

Ukraine's Kherson Campaign - Lessons & Implications of the Southern counterattack | Perun

Timothy Snyder: Making of Modern Ukraine.Class 18. Before and After the End of History | Yale Courses

Timothy Snyder: Making of Modern Ukraine.Class 19. Oligarchies in Russia and Ukraine | Yale Courses

• Medvedev says Kyiv is a "Russian city" and threatens to "take it back" [Yahoo! News]

• Ukraine updates: Nuclear plant rocked by 'explosions' [DW News]

• Ukraine updates: Shelling Zaporizhzhia is ‘playing with fire’ [Al Jazeera]

• 'NATO has to continue providing weapons to Ukraine so that it can defend itself and defeat Russia' [France 24]

• Ukraine war: We will rebuild, vows mayor of flattened Mariupol [BBC News]

• Ukraine’s Kherson Win Shifts Dynamics Across Whole Front With Russia [Wall Street Journal]

• Videos Suggest Captive Russian Soldiers Were Killed at Close Range [New York Times]

• Ukraine confronts tougher fight in push to extend battlefield wins [Washington Post]

News from Russian or pro-Russian outlets or Video About the Russian Perspective

• ‘All the real skinheads went to Ukraine’: An American Neo-Nazi outlines the crimes of his Ukrainian ‘colleagues’ [Russia Today]

• Strategic Culture: Russia and China to isolate the European Union [Pravda ]

• Inspection of ZNPP may be dangerous as shelling is possible any minute — Rosenergoatom [TASS Russian News Agency]

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National and World News Roundup

• Iran Crisis Update, November 20 [Understanding War] [PDF for November 19th]

• Two prominent Iranian actresses arrested - state media [BBC News]

• Protests In Iran Turning Into A Full Revolution [Iran International]

Jan. 6 committee to release all evidence "within a month," Lofgren says | Face the Nation


Full interview: Former Vice President Mike on "Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan" | Face the Nation

Full Pence: ‘Possessing Classified Documents In An Unprotected Area Is Not Proper’ | Meet The Press

• What we know about the Colorado Springs nightclub shooting suspect [The Hill]

• Qatar won't allow any cooked Kosher food and public Jewish prayer [Jerusalem Post]

• Collapsed FTX owes nearly $3.1 billion to top 50 creditors [CNN]

• Global security leaders, activists say it’s time to fight, not talk, in Ukraine [Politico]

• Former Speaker Paul Ryan calls himself a 'Never-Again-Trumper' [ABC News via Yahoo! News]

• U.S. lawmakers to foreign allies: Midterm results show our democracy is safe [Politico]

• How Meth Worsened the Fentanyl Crisis. ‘We Are in a Different World.’ [Wall Street Journal]

COP27: does it go far enough? | The Economist

Why Elon Musk reinstated Trump's Twitter account | Face the Nation

Face the Nation: Pence, Galloway, Bass | Face the Nation

Meet The Press Full Broadcast (11-21-2022) | Meet the Press

Global National: Nov. 20, 2022 | Trudeau responds to China’s alleged election interference

Nightly News Full Broadcast (November 20th)

PBS NewsHour full episode, November 20, 2022

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COVID-19 News and Updates

Here is a section on COVID-19. It includes local, regional, state, national, and global items.

COVID-19 Numbers for Macon County:

• WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard [World Health Organization]

Globally, as of 5:17pm CET, 18 November 2022, there have been 633,601,048 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,596,542 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 16 November 2022, a total of 12,943,741,540 vaccine doses have been administered.

In United States of America, from 3 January 2020 to 5:17pm CET, 18 November 2022, there have been 96,752,266 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,064,975 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 11 November 2022, a total of 638,658,949 vaccine doses have been administered.

• Over two thirds of first-wave Covid infections led to long Covid, finds study [Pulse Today]

• TWiV 955: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin [Microbe TV]

• What’s the difference between RSV, the flu and covid-19? [Washington Post]

• Post–COVID-19 Symptoms 2 Years After SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Hospitalized vs Nonhospitalized Patients [JAMA Network]

• Health-related quality of life and coping strategies adopted by COVID-19 survivors: A nationwide cross-sectional study in Bangladesh [PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science)]

• Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare personnel in the era of new SARS-CoV-2 variants [Science Direct]

• Retrospectively modeling the effects of increased global vaccine sharing on the COVID-19 pandemic [Nature: Medicine]

• ‘I pushed back’: Fauci on how his response to Trump on Covid turned him into ‘public enemy No. 1’ [STAT News]

• Competition between respiratory viruses may hold off a ‘tripledemic’ this winter [Scince: American Association for the Advencment of Science]

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Science and Technology News Roundup

• Is this really the end of Twitter? [BBC News]

• Scroll Through the Universe with This Cool Interactive Map [Universe Today]

• Extent of Tongan Eruption Revealed by New Seafloor Maps [The Map Room]

• Satellite imagery of the El Molino landslide in Norte de Santander, Colombia [The Landslide Blog]

• The Great Filter: Are we all Totally Screwed? [ The Science of Science Fiction (video)]

Semi-permanent links

• Fall of Civilizations #16. Bagan - City of Temples [Fall of Civilizations Podcast]

• 25 tips to help you prepare for the 2024 total solar eclipse [Astronomy Magazine]

• Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 drops white paper on building the open metaverse [Venture Beat] [PDF of White paper]

• Yes, the Great Books Make Us Better People [New York Times]

Podcasts and Long Form Videos (History, Culture, Science, Space, Technology and Current Events)
Anything covering educational, entertainment, history, current events, and technology topics

How Every Human is Linked Together | Big History (S1) | Full Episode

ALL JUPITER'S MOON size Comparison | Metal Ball Studios

We Met Neandertals Way Earlier Than We Thought | PBS Eons

Why Does Physics Love Donuts? | SciShow Space

The Perfect Synthetic Diamond | Asianometry

Samsung’s Dangerous Dominance over South Korea | Wendover Productions

Would the Public Be Told if We Discovered Alien life? | Event Horizon

Strange Magnetar That Seems To Have Solid Surface For Very Weird Reasons | Antov Petrov

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Russo-Ukrainian War Videos (mostly long form)

--> Ukraine's Kherson Campaign - Lessons & Implications of the Southern counterattack | Perun

How Ukraine Prevented Russia a DAY 1 Win | The Infographics Show

Ukraine war takes toll on Russian economy as sanctions 'cut off Russian financial system from' West | France 24

Ukrainian Attack on Crimea and the Grain Deal - Russian Invasion | Knigs and Generals

More than a dozen blasts shake Ukraine nuclear power plant | DW News

Iran and Russia reach at an agreement to manufacture drones | Latest World News | WION

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On This Day

November 21 is the 325th day of the year (326th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 40 days remain until the end of the year.

Historical Events

Historical Events

(Please note that the Wikipedia articles often contain a bibliography and links to where you can learn more about a historical event)

164 BCE – Judas Maccabeus, son of Mattathias of the Hasmonean family, restores the Temple in Jerusalem. This event is commemorated each year by the festival of Hanukkah.

235 – Pope Anterus succeeds Pontian as the nineteenth pope. During the persecutions of emperor Maximinus Thrax he is martyred.

1009 – Lý Công Uẩn is enthroned as emperor of Đại Cồ Việt, founding the Lý dynasty.

1386 – Timur of Samarkand captures and sacks the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, taking King Bagrat V of Georgia captive.

1620 – Plymouth Colony settlers sign the Mayflower Compact (November 11, O.S.)

1676 – The Danish astronomer Ole Rømer presents the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light.

1783 – In Paris, Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d'Arlandes make the first untethered hot air balloon flight.

1789 – North Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution and is admitted as the 12th U.S. state.

1851 – Mutineers take control of the Chilean penal colony of Punta Arenas in the Strait of Magellan.

1861 – American Civil War: Confederate President Jefferson Davis appoints Judah Benjamin Secretary of War.

1877 – Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph, a machine that can record and play sound.

1894 – Port Arthur, China, falls to the Japanese, a decisive victory of the First Sino-Japanese War; Japanese troops are accused of massacring the remaining inhabitants.

1900 – Claude Monet's paintings shown at Gallery Durand-Ruel in Paris.

1902 – The Philadelphia Football Athletics defeat the Kanaweola Athletic Club of Elmira, New York, 39–0, in the first-ever professional American football night game.

1905 – Albert Einstein's paper that leads to the mass–energy equivalence formula, E = mc², is published in the journal Annalen der Physik.

1910 – Sailors on board Brazil's warships including the Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Bahia, violently rebel in what is now known as the Revolta da Chibata (Revolt of the Lash).

1916 – Mines from SM U-73 sink HMHS Britannic, the largest ship lost in the First World War.

1918 – The Flag of Estonia, previously used by pro-independence activists, is formally adopted as the national flag of the Republic of Estonia.

1918 – The Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 is passed, allowing women to stand for Parliament in the UK.

1918 – A pogrom takes place in Lwów (now Lviv); over three days, at least 50 Jews and 270 Ukrainian Christians are killed by Poles.

1920 – Irish War of Independence: On "Bloody Sunday" in Dublin, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) assassinated a group of British Intelligence agents, and British forces killed 14 civilians at a Gaelic football match at Croke Park.

1922 – Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia takes the oath of office, becoming the first female United States Senator.

1927 – Columbine Mine massacre: Striking coal miners are allegedly attacked with machine guns by a detachment of state police dressed in civilian clothes.

1942 – The completion of the Alaska Highway (also known as the Alcan Highway) is celebrated (however, the highway is not usable by standard road vehicles until 1943).

1944 – World War II: American submarine USS Sealion sinks the Japanese battleship Kongō and Japanese destroyer Urakaze in the Formosa Strait.

1945 – The United Auto Workers strike 92 General Motors plants in 50 cities to back up worker demands for a 30-percent raise.

1950 – Two Canadian National Railway trains collide in northeastern British Columbia in the Canoe River train crash; the death toll is 21, with 17 of them Canadian troops bound for Korea.

1953 – The Natural History Museum, London announces that the "Piltdown Man" skull, initially believed to be one of the most important fossilized hominid skulls ever found, is a hoax.

1959 – American disc jockey Alan Freed, who had popularized the term "rock and roll" and music of that style, is fired from WABC radio over allegations he had participated in the payola scandal.

1961 – The "La Ronde" opens in Honolulu, first revolving restaurant in the United States.

1962 – The Chinese People's Liberation Army declares a unilateral ceasefire in the Sino-Indian War.

1964 – The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge opens to traffic. At the time it is the world's longest bridge span.

1964 – Second Vatican Council: The third session of the Roman Catholic Church's ecumenical council closes.

1967 – Vietnam War: American General William Westmoreland tells news reporters: "I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing."

1969 – U.S. President Richard Nixon and Japanese Premier Eisaku Satō agree on the return of Okinawa to Japanese control in 1972. The U.S. retains rights to bases on the island, but these are to be nuclear-free.

1969 – The first permanent ARPANET link is established between UCLA and SRI.

1970 – Vietnam War: Operation Ivory Coast: A joint United States Air Force and Army team raids the Sơn Tây prisoner-of-war camp in an attempt to free American prisoners of war thought to be held there.

1971 – Indian troops, partly aided by Mukti Bahini (Bengali guerrillas), defeat the Pakistan army in the Battle of Garibpur.

1972 – Voters in South Korea overwhelmingly approve a new constitution, giving legitimacy to Park Chung-hee and the Fourth Republic.

1974 – The Birmingham pub bombings kill 21 people. The Birmingham Six are sentenced to life in prison for the crime but subsequently acquitted.

1977 – Minister of Internal Affairs Allan Highet announces that the national anthems of New Zealand shall be the traditional anthem "God Save the Queen" and "God Defend New Zealand".

1979 – The United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, is attacked by a mob and set on fire, killing four.

1980 – A deadly fire breaks out at the MGM Grand Hotel in Paradise, Nevada (now Bally's Las Vegas). Eighty-five people are killed and more than 650 are injured in the worst disaster in Nevada history.

1985 – United States Navy intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard is arrested for spying after being caught giving Israel classified information on Arab nations. He is subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

1986 – National Security Council member Oliver North and his secretary start to shred documents allegedly implicating them in the Iran–Contra affair.

1990 – Bangkok Airways Flight 125 crashes on approach to Samui Airport, killing 38.

1992 – A major tornado strikes the Houston, Texas area during the afternoon. Over the next two days the largest tornado outbreak ever to occur in the US during November spawns over 100 tornadoes.

1995 – The Dayton Agreement is initialed at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio, ending three and a half years of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1996 – Humberto Vidal explosion: Thirty-three people die when a Humberto Vidal shoe shop in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico explodes.

1998 – Finnish satanist Jarno Elg kills a 23-year-old man and performs a ritual-like cutting and eating of body parts in Hyvinkää, Finland.

2002 – NATO invites Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to become members.

2002 – Arturo Guzmán Decena, founder of Los Zetas and high-member of the Gulf Cartel, is killed in a shoot-out with the Mexican Army and the police.

2004 – The second round of the Ukrainian presidential election is held, giving rise to massive protests and controversy over the election's integrity.

2004 – Dominica is hit by the most destructive earthquake in its history. The northern half of the island sustains the most damage, especially the town of Portsmouth. In neighboring Guadeloupe, one person is killed.

2004 – The Paris Club agrees to write off 80% (up to $100 billion) of Iraq's external debt.

2006 – Anti-Syrian Lebanese politician and government minister Pierre Gemayel is assassinated in suburban Beirut.

2009 – A mine explosion in Heilongjiang, China kills 108.

2012 – At least 28 are wounded after a bomb is thrown onto a bus in Tel Aviv.

2013 – Fifty-four people are killed when the roof of a shopping center collapses in Riga, Latvia.

2013 – Massive protests start in Ukraine after President Viktor Yanukovych suspended signing the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement.

2014 – A stampede in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe caused by the police firing tear gas kills at least eleven people and injures 40 others.

2015 – The government of Belgium imposes a security lockdown on Brussels, including the closure of shops, schools, and public transportation, due to potential terrorist attacks.

2017 – Robert Mugabe formally resigns as President of Zimbabwe, after thirty-seven years in office.

2019 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

2019 – Tesla launches the SUV Cybertruck. A gaffe occurs during the launch event when its "unbreakable" windows shatter during demonstration.

2021 – An SUV plows through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, killing six and injuring 62.

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Published at 3:30am on Monday, November 21, 2022
Author: Bobby Coggins

Resources used to compile the information in this article include, but are not limited to the following websites or books:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This Day in North Carolina History, World War II Day By Day, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, The Timetables of History, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The World History and Book of Facts (multiple years), On This Day In History: Over 4,000 facts, The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space, This Day in North Carolina History, The Smithsonian History of Space Exploration: From the Ancient World to the Extraterrestrial Future, Spaceflight, 2nd Edition: The Complete Story from Sputnik to Curiousity, The Story of Civilization (11 volumes), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, American History, Volume 1: 1492-1877, American History, Volume 2: 1877 - Present, A Complete Chronolgy of the Second World War. Weather and Almanac data and information sources: Sources (except where otherwise credited):, Ian Webster's Github, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, The National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Hurricane Center, Penn State University Electronic Wall Map, The State Climate Office of North Carolina, Storm Prediction Center, U.S. Naval Observatory, University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and the Weather Prediction Center. Back to Top