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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

News and Weather Briefing for Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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Hazards and Tropical Weather
Macon Calendar
Local and StateNews
Russo-UKrainian War Updates
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Mainly dry high pressure will be in place through mid-week before being reinforced by a front moving south across the region on Thursday. Isolated afternoon and early evening showers and storms develop over the mountains Thursday. Forecast confidence decreases late week through the weekend as an upper low and coastal cyclone interact with each other, but a general increase in rain chances with cooler temperatures will be possible.


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Local Weather

General Forecast Through Wednesday Night

Franklin Area


Mostly cloudy, with highs in the low-to-mid 70s. Winds out of the east 3 to 10 mph.


Partly cloudy, with lows around 50. Winds out of the southeast around 5 mph becoming calm before midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the upper 70s. Calm winds in the morning increasing to come out of the northeast 5 to 10 mph in the afternoon.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the upper 40s. Winds out of the east 5 to 10 mph becoming calm before midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the upper 70s.

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the lower 50s.
Highlands Plateau


Mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid 60s. Winds out of the east 5 to 10 mph.


Mostly cloudy, with lows in the upper 40s. Winds out of the east 5 to 10 mph.


Mostly sunny, with highs near 70. Winds out of the northeast 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows in the mid-to-upper 40s. Winds out of the east 5 to 10 mph shifting to come out of the north after midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs near 70.

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows around 50.

Otto and South Central Macon County


Mostly cloudy, with highs in the lower 70s. Winds out of the east 5 to 10 mph.


Partly cloudy, with lows around 50. Winds out of the southeast around 5 mph becoming calm before midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the upper 70s. Calm winds early in the morning increasing to come out of the north 5 to 10 mph by midmorning.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows around 50. Winds out of the southeast 5 to 10 mph becoming light and variable before midnight.


Mostly sunny, with highs in the mid-to-upper 70s.

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the lower 50s.

Nantahala Area


Mostly cloudy, with highs near 70. Winds out of the east around 5 mph.


Partly cloudy, with lows around 50. Winds out of the southeast around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.


Sunny, with highs in the low-to-mid 70s. Calm winds early in the morning increasing to come out of the northeast 5 to 10 mph by midmorning.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with lows around 50. Winds out of the northeast 5 to 10 mph becoming calm after midnight.


Sunny, with highs in the low-to-mid 70s.

Thursday Night

Mostly cloudy, with lows in the low-to-mid 50s.

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Hazards and Tropical Weather

Hazardous weather is not expected today.

Latest US Drought Monitor Map for North Carolina.

Space Weather

Goodbye Solar Snooze Big Flares are Back | Space Weather News 18 May 2023

Back to Top Hurricane Season 2023: What to Watch For As We Keep Tabs on El Nino | hurricanetrack


• Damaging 2022 Atlantic hurricane season draws to a close [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]

The official hurricane season for the Atlantic basin is from June 1 to November 30, but tropical cyclone activity sometimes occurs before and after these dates, respectively. The peak of the Atlantic hurricane season is September 10, with most activity occurring between mid-August and mid-October.

Tropical Weather Outlook
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL
200 AM EDT Tue May 23 2023

For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 7 days.

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PM2.5 AQI is 53 (MODERATE/CODE YELLOW) for most of the county, and the ridges and other higher elevations PM2.5 AQI is 53 (MODERATE/CODE YELLOW)

Fire and Smoke Map

Local Air Monitor


Pollen levels are expected to be in the medium-high range (7.2 out of 12) today with Birch, Hickory, and Oak being the main culprits. Tomorrow is expected to be in the medium-high range (7.8 out of 12).

Record Weather Events for May 23rd

Record weather events for this date in Macon County

Highest Temperature 89°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station in 2011
Lowest Temperature 33°F in Highlands in 2002
Greatest One-Day Rain 4.62 inches in Highlands in 1923
Greatest One-Day Snowfall (no snowfall has been recorded on this date since record-keeping began in 1871)

Weather Extremes for Macon County for the month of May Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 92°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 05-20-1996
Lowest Temperature 23°F at the Coweeta Experimental Station on 05-02-1963
Greatest Rainfall 5.97 inches in Highlands on 05-30-2018
Greatest Snowfall 2.5 inches in Highlands on 05-07-1992

Record Weather Events for May 23rd in North Carolina

Highest Temperature 102°F in Albemarle, Stanly County in 1941
Lowest Temperature 20°F in Banner Elk, Avery County in 1947
Greatest Rainfall 4.75 inches in Brevard, Transylvania County in 1916
Greatest Snowfall (no snowfall has been recorded on this date since 1872) in 1946
(the excessive rainfall was due to the remnants of Hurricane Gladys)

--> Weather Extremes for North Carolina for the month of May Data available from 1872

Highest Temperature 107°F in Aurora, Beaufort Countyy on 05-26-2011
Lowest Temperature 14°F in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County on 05-09-2020
Greatest Rainfall 8.51 inches in Pisgah Forest, Transylvania County on 05-20-1942
Greatest Snowfall 15.00 in Mount Mitchell, Yancey County on 05-07-1992

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Macon Calendar
(send your event to


The Swain County Heritage Festival will take place Friday and Saturday in Riverfront Park in Bryson City. Details are in the poster below.


Clarks Chapel Fire-Rescue Annual BBQ Fundraiser From 2pm until sold out Plates are $10 each

Clarks Chapel Volunteer Fire Department is hosting their annul BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, May 27. It will feature Barbeque, Music, Raffles, Silent Auction, and plenty of family fun. The fire department is located at 270 Fulcher Road in Franklin.

No events have been submitted for Macon Calendar.
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Local and State News

• Cooper says GOP teacher pay, voucher plans a public education 'disaster' [WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC)]

• Wednesday marks the last day to hear the mill’s iconic whistle [The Mountaineer (Waynesville, NC)]

• NC Governor declares ‘state of emergency’ due to GOP school voucher expansion, tax cuts [Raleigh News and Observer]

• 'We'll get through this,' Canton mayor says as mill's final whistle set to blow this week [WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC)]

• Angel Medical Center President's Column for May 2023 [Macon Media]

Macon Media is still experiencing transportation issues and was unable to get to the courthouse to cover this months meeting. Here is the county-sponsored video of the meeting:

Macon County Commissioners Meeting 3-14-23

• HB259 NC House Bill Budget Substitute [PDF Download (640 pages)]

Proposed State Budget for 2023-2025 [Download PDF]

• Macon County Board of Commissioners March 2023 Regular Meeting [Macon Media]


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National and World News Roundup

Debt Limit Negotiators Resume Talks | Bloomberg

• What it would mean for the global economy if the US defaults on its debt [Ap News]

• Senators issued satellite phones, offered demonstrations on upgraded security devices [CBS News]

• If You Want to Understand Russian Power, Listen to the People Who Leave It [Time Magazine]

• Five takeaways about the consumer from Walmart, other retailers after a big week of earnings [CNBC]

• What is being done to curb spread of 'misinformation'? [RTÉ News and Current Affairs]

• Jeffrey Epstein Appeared to Threaten Bill Gates Over Microsoft Co-Founder’s Affair With Russian Bridge Player []

• Ex-Trump White House Lawyer Predicts Bad News for Former President [Newsweek]

The BRICS Economies | Economics Explained

• Two men sentenced for planning to attack US electric substations [Jerusalem Post]

• Shootout at Baja California Car Rally Leaves 10 Dead, 10 Wounded [Bloomberg]

• Federal Inquiry Finds Trump-Appointed CEO Abused Power at Voice of America [Rolling Stone (via Yahoo! News)]

Washington Today (5/22/2023): Debt Limit Drama Continues | C-SPAN

Global National: May 22, 2023 | RCMP's warning for those hindering firefighting in Alberta wildfires

NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast - May 22

PBS NewsHour full episode, (May 22, 2023)

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COVID-19 News and Updates

Here is a section on COVID-19. It includes local, regional, state, national, and global items.

COVID-19 Numbers for Macon County:

Based on current COVID-19 trends, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is planning for the federal Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19, declared under Section 319 of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, to expire at the end of the day on May 11, 2023. Macon County Public Health will stop publishing weekly COVID updates but will continue to monitor local case levels and trends. In the event that case counts increase significantly, MCPH will notify the public and resume weekly COVID updates.

• WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard [World Health Organization]

In United States of America, from 3 January 2020 to 3:49pm CEST, 10 May 2023, there have been 103,343,569 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,125,209 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 5 May 2023, a total of 668,168,096 vaccine doses have been administered.

Globally, as of 3:49pm CEST, 10 May 2023, there have been 765,903,278 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 6,927,378 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 9 May 2023, a total of 13,350,312,122 vaccine doses have been administered.

• A Proclamation on Revoking the Air Travel COVID-⁠19 Vaccination Requirement [ The White House ]

• Statement on the fifteenth meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic [ World Health Organization ]

• The Covid–19 Crisis Is Officially Over. Everything Changed. [WSJ (video and audio)] [WSJ (article archive)]

• COVID no longer a global health emergency, World Health Organization says [ Sky News ]

• Masks Work. Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn’t [ Scientific American ]

• CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is stepping down from agency [ NBC News ]

Ep 130 Osterholm Update: A Better Place | Osterholm Update

• TWiV 1002: Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin [Microbe TV]

• TWiV 1003: Going clinically viral [Microbe TV]

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Science and Technology News Roundup

• The Sky This Week from May 19 to 26: Deep-sky delights [Astronomy Magazine]

• SpaceX mission lifts off with former NASA astronaut, three paying customers [CNN]

• Twitter under fire for restricting content before Turkish presidential election [CBS News]

• Today's AI boom will amplify social problems if we don't act now, says AI ethicist [ZDNET]

• A Twitter bug is restoring deleted tweets and retweets [The Verge]

• Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Is Teetering on the Glass Cliff [Wired]

• Z-Library returns, aims to avoid seizures by giving each user a secret URL [ARS TECHNICA]

Evergreen Links

• Red Dead Online player bids farewell to Google Stadia save by releasing horse they named after their departed daughter [Games Radar]

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History 69 - Twilight of the Æsir

Hardcore History: AddendumEP24 Manifesting the Muse with Rick | Dan Carlin

• Neal Stephenson’s Lamina1 drops white paper on building the open metaverse [Venture Beat] [PDF of White paper]

• Yes, the Great Books Make Us Better People [New York Times]

How Do We Know What We Know? Philosophy of Science | Fraser Cain

• Free, legally available series/movies on YouTube in a Netlflix-like interface [Cinetimes]

Podcasts and Long Form Videos (History, Culture, Science, Space, Technology and Current Events)
Anything covering educational, entertainment, history, current events, and technology topics

Ax-2 launch and Falcon 9 first stage landing | SciNews

The Level1 Show May 23 2023: Big Spy Country | Level1 Techs

The Coming Age of Alien Communications | John Michael Godier

The Standard Contract is Not Enough - DTNS 4525 | Daily Tech News Show

Space Warfare and Anti Satellite Weapons - "Taking the High Ground" in the new warfighting domain | Perun

The Death of Antony & Cleopatra (30 B.C.E.) | Historia Civilis

Something Other Than Black Hole Created Huge Milky Way Bubbles | Antov Petrov

The Map of Oil | Peter Zeihan

Anna Frebel: Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Galaxies, and Stars | Lex Fridman Podcast #378

Civilization: Is the West History? | Episode 2: Science | BBC Select

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Special Section: The Russo-Ukrainian War
(sharing of a particular source is not an endorsement)

• Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 22 [Institute for the Study of War] [PDF for May 22nd]

• Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 454 [Al Jazeera]

• Russo-Ukrainian War. Day 453: Critical situation in Bakhmut [Euromaiden Press]

• Russian Troops Battling Incursion Inside Its Borders Near Ukraine [The Drive]

• Ukraine denies any involvement in armed action in Russian Belgorod [TVP World]

• Fall of Bakhmut would signal ‘a Pyrrhic victory for Wagner’ [Al Jazeera]

• Ukraine updates: Wagner to leave Bakhmut by June 1 [DW News]

• 'Profoundly evocative': Zelensky stands 'shoulder to shoulder' with allies as Russia & China slam G7 [France 24]

• How spies took down Putin’s most insidious weapon against the West [The Telegraph (via Yahoo! News)]

🔴 (NSFW) - Ukraine Advances in Bakhmut, Storm Shadow Strikes? | Funker530 LIVE Recap

Russian partisans: ‘It’s time to put an end to the Kremlin’s dictatorship’ | The Times and The Sunday Times

Is Ukraine ready for EU membership? | Andrew Pryma | TVP World

Ukraine’s weaponry checklist for its coming counteroffensive | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Russia Wagner group vows to transfer captured Ukraine city of Bakhmut by June | BBC News

News from Russian or pro-Russian outlets or Video About the Russian Perspective

Odessa and Kharkiv fall under Russian control and authority | Straight Calls with Douglas Macgregor

• Drone-bombs hit Russian border region – governor [Russia Today]

• Thirty-nine Ukrainian saboteurs killed in Belgorod region [Pravda]

• IN BRIEF: What we know so far about Ukrainian sabotage attack on Belgorod Region [TASS Russian News Agency]

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On This Day

May 23 is the 143rd day of the year (144th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 222 days remain until the end of the year.

Historical Events

Historical Events

(Please note that the Wikipedia articles often contain a bibliography and links to where you can learn more about a historical event)

1430 – Joan of Arc is captured at the Siege of Compiègne by troops from the Burgundian faction.
1498 – Girolamo Savonarola is burned at the stake in Florence, Italy.
1533 – The marriage of King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon is declared null and void.
1568 – Dutch rebels led by Louis of Nassau, defeat Jean de Ligne, Duke of Arenberg, and his loyalist troops in the Battle of Heiligerlee, opening the Eighty Years' War.
1609 – Official ratification of the Second Virginia Charter takes place.
1618 – The Second Defenestration of Prague precipitates the Thirty Years' War.
1706 – John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, defeats a French army under Marshal François de Neufville, duc de Villeroy at the Battle of Ramillies.
1788 – South Carolina ratifies the United States Constitution as the eighth American state.
1793 – Battle of Famars during the Flanders Campaign of the War of the First Coalition.
1829 – Accordion patent granted to Cyrill Demian in Vienna, Austrian Empire.
1844 – Declaration of the Báb the evening before the 23rd: A merchant of Shiraz announces that he is a Prophet and founds a religious movement that would later be brutally crushed by the Persian government. He is considered to be a forerunner of the Baháʼí Faith; Baháʼís celebrate the day as a holy day.
1846 – Mexican–American War: President Mariano Paredes of Mexico unofficially declares war on the United States.
1863 – The General German Workers' Association, a precursor of the modern Social Democratic Party of Germany, is founded in Leipzig, Kingdom of Saxony.
1873 – The Canadian Parliament establishes the North-West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
1900 – American Civil War: Sergeant William Harvey Carney is awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism in the Assault on the Battery Wagner in 1863.
1905 – The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamid II publicly announces the creation of the Ullah Millet for the Aromanians of the empire, which had been established one day earlier. For this reason, the Aromanian National Day is usually celebrated on May 23,[3] although some do so on May 22 instead.
1907 – The unicameral Parliament of Finland gathers for its first plenary session.
1911 – The New York Public Library is dedicated.
1915 – World War I: Italy joins the Allies, fulfilling its part of the Treaty of London.
1932 – In Brazil, four students are shot and killed during a manifestation against the Brazilian dictator Getúlio Vargas, which resulted in the outbreak of the Constitutionalist Revolution several weeks later.
1934 – American bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed by police and killed in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
1934 – The Auto-Lite strike culminates in the "Battle of Toledo", a five-day melée between 1,300 troops of the Ohio National Guard and 6,000 picketers.
1939 – The U.S. Navy submarine USS Squalus sinks off the coast of New Hampshire during a test dive, causing the death of 24 sailors and two civilian technicians. The remaining 32 sailors and one civilian naval architect are rescued the following day.
1945 – World War II: Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel, commits suicide while in Allied custody.
1945 – World War II: Germany's Flensburg Government under Karl Dönitz is dissolved when its members are arrested by British forces.
1948 – Thomas C. Wasson, the US Consul-General, is assassinated in Jerusalem, Israel.
1949 – Cold War: The Western occupying powers approve the Basic Law and establish a new German state, the Federal Republic of Germany.
1951 – Tibetans sign the Seventeen Point Agreement with China.
1960 – A tsunami caused by an earthquake in Chile the previous day kills 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii.
1971 – 78 people are killed when Aviogenex Flight 130 crashes on approach to Rijeka Airport in present-day Rijeka, Croatia (then the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia).
1992 – Italy's most prominent anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three body guards are killed by the Corleonesi clan with a half-ton bomb near Capaci, Sicily. His friend and colleague Paolo Borsellino will be assassinated less than two months later, making 1992 a turning point in the history of Italian Mafia prosecutions.
1995 – The first version of the Java programming language is released.
1998 – The Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with roughly 75% voting yes.
2002 – The "55 parties" clause of the Kyoto Protocol is reached after its ratification by Iceland.
2006 – Alaskan stratovolcano Mount Cleveland erupts.
2008 – The International Court of Justice (ICJ) awards Middle Rocks to Malaysia and Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Puteh) to Singapore, ending a 29-year territorial dispute between the two countries.
2013 – A freeway bridge carrying Interstate 5 over the Skagit River collapses in Mount Vernon, Washington.
2014 – Seven people, including the perpetrator, are killed and another 14 injured in a killing spree near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara.
2015 – At least 46 people are killed as a result of floods caused by a tornado in Texas and Oklahoma.
2016 – Two suicide bombings, conducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, kill at least 45 potential army recruits in Aden, Yemen.
2016 – Eight bombings are carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in Jableh and Tartus, coastline cities in Syria. One hundred eighty-four people are killed and at least 200 people injured.
2017 – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao, following the Maute's attack in Marawi.
2021 - A cable car falls from a mountain near Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, killing 14 people.

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Published at 5:00am on Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Author: Bobby Coggins

Resources used to compile the information in this article include, but are not limited to the following websites or books:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, This Day in North Carolina History, World War II Day By Day, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, The Timetables of History, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The World History and Book of Facts (multiple years), On This Day In History: Over 4,000 facts, The NASA Archives. 60 Years in Space, This Day in North Carolina History, The Smithsonian History of Space Exploration: From the Ancient World to the Extraterrestrial Future, Spaceflight, 2nd Edition: The Complete Story from Sputnik to Curiousity, The Story of Civilization (11 volumes), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, American History, Volume 1: 1492-1877, American History, Volume 2: 1877 - Present, A Complete Chronolgy of the Second World War. Weather and Almanac data and information sources: Sources (except where otherwise credited):, Ian Webster's Github, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, The National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, National Hurricane Center, Penn State University Electronic Wall Map, The State Climate Office of North Carolina, Storm Prediction Center, U.S. Naval Observatory, University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and the Weather Prediction Center. 

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Macon County Board of Elections 03-11-2014 The Macon County Board of Elections holds a special meeting to hear a challenge brought by Charles "Scoon" Nichols to the candidacy of Macon County Commissioner Ron Haven regarding his eligibility to file as a candidate in the District II County Commissioner race. ********************* Jair Bolsonaro leaves Brazil for the US ahead of Lula’s inauguration Dang. He pulled a Trump and snuck out of town and can't be civil during the transfer of power. What a toddler move. ******************** Fierce Kitty, Glorious Kitty, Little Ball of Fur. Honourable Kitty, Warrior Kitty, Qapla' Qapla' Qapla' -->