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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carl Mumpower Calls Out Heath Shuler;
Shuler Flees Interview

Here is new Mumpower TV Ad:

I was at an event with Shuler in Franklin on Monday, and Andrew Whalen promised me an opportunity to interview Congressman Shuler. All I asked for was less than five minutes on video.

When the event was over, and Shuler was working his way through the crowd, posing for photos and speaking with people individually...I reminded Andrew of my request. and told him I was going to ask about Shuler's involvement to help get the new VA Clinic open in Franklin, the SAVE Act, and give him an opportunity to speak about what he had been doing in Congress and ask if he was going to debate Mumpower.

I waited until Shuler and Whalen were alone with who I thought was a WLOS cameraman and approached them...and they took off, saying that they had to go. He would not even stop for one question on video.

Whalen and Congressman Shuler, Moments Before Fleeing

My thought on the matter is that Mumpower will find it very hard to get Congressman Shuler to debate him. In one term in Congress, it appears that Shuler has become what he said Congressman Taylor was.

I remember at least eight forums attended by Shuler where he decried the lack of attendance by Congressman Taylor. Will Mumpower have to do the same thing?

I think that it is only fair if Congressman Shuler debated Mumpower at least the eight times he claimed Taylor never showed up, don't you?

Will Shuler run from Mupower, as he ran from me in Franklin? I hope not.

I really hope that this campaign doesn't become a game of sack the quarterback as Mumpower has to chase Shuler through the backfield for a series of honest debates.

**update** 9.33 PM

I have added a poll on the upper right hand sidebar asking if Congressman Shuler should debate Carl Mumpower. The answers to choose from are: Yes, No, I'm not sure. The poll runs until August 31.

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Shuler cried for debates with Charles Taylor & now that he knws that Mumpower will not take any pack money he feels secure not to debate Mumpower.

Shuler is off work for the next five weeks, staff will not even post events were he will be.

Could it be they know someone might ask him if he plans to debate??


TP, you don't understand that Congressman Shuler now has the power on incumbency, and he will use it to avoid debate, just as he said Congressman Taylor did.

He has become corrupted by power.

JR in Franklin

Heath shuler is the typical plitician. He created a big stink when he wanted to debate Charles Taylor. Now that the shoe is on the other foot he is running for the hills. He is a coward! A big
already bought politician.


Heath doesn't have to debate a crazy person.

Mumpy is crazy.

Maybe Mumpower can debate a Republican instead.

Shuler won't debate Mumpower because Shuler is afraid.

Anyone who won't debate their opponent doesn't deserve to representive a district, state or country.

Failure to do so indicates arrogance or fear. If one thinks they're too good or are afraid to debate, they should never be elected. The people DESERVE to know where condidates stand on issues.



As a die hard NFL fan, any player that sucks in the NFL, I discount.

Anyway, I was referred to you by Tom at Old Glory Radio. He told me you were the guy in the Carolinas to get to know.

My blog is the Tygrrrr Express

If you like what you read, I hope you are open to a link or blogroll exchange. I get a decent amount of traffic.

Frinds of mine are on your blgroll, so you are a pig with d@ng good taste.

Either way, happy blogging!


eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Shuler needs to debate - this makes him looks little.

I was going to vote for you but now im not so sure.

So what's new when it comes to Democrats. The Democrats will not debate on any level in the state. It's the "FEAR" factor. And their inability to win the argument in the market place of ideas.

Carl would clean his clock!!

I think people have a tendency to forget that if reelected Congressman Shuler will represent all the people in the 11th district. How can “we” the people as conscionable voters choose a representative that is only willing to represent a portion of us? Certainly, we are all in this together as citizens. If this man is willing to turn a blind eye to a portion of the people he represents, eventually in time he will turn against his own constituents in their hour of need. This is not the kind of Democrat I want representing me. I am of the party that believes everyone has a voice and should be heard.

In democratic societies, it is widely accepted that there must be public debating to maintain freedom. Open public debate is one format in which voters acquaint themselves with each candidate for public office. Plausibly, voters must be informed on a candidate's issues in order to make a rational choice. Moreover, during debates the general public is afforded the opportunity to compare the candidates alternative points of view.

Shuler does not have to debate the Mumpy One. Mumpy will do just fine debating himself in the corner.

Green Wizard,

Please come out & play...

Dont hide - we need to hear more about you!!

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