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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NC General Assembly
07-26-2011 Legislative Calendar
Links to Bills and Live Audio Feeds


The Governor of North Carolina responded to the actions of the General Assembly with the following releases:

Governor's statement on yesterday's NCGA action

Governor Perdue released the following statement regarding the General Assembly’s votes on two previous vetoes:

“For more than a year, I have pushed to reform business regulations and clear the way for growth and new jobs for our people. There is still work to be done, but the General Assembly’s approach is bull-headed and wrong for North Carolina. These two bills clearly violate state constitution or federal law; that’s why I vetoed them. If the Republican leadership is truly concerned about our business community, they should work with me to achieve balanced and meaningful reform. Today’s actions will only lead to unnecessary lawsuits and wasted opportunities.”

Gov. Perdue’s Statement on the Override of the Veto of S.B. 532

"The leaders of the General Assembly like to portray themselves as business-friendly, yet they have shoved through a bill that will lead to tax increases on employers. It could delay unemployment benefits for people who are entitled to them, and it will likely cost North Carolina millions of dollars that should go to unemployed North Carolinians and their families.”

Gov. Perdue’s Statement on the Sustained Veto of H.B. 351

“I want to thank the legislators who stood firm in the belief that every North Carolinian has the constitutional right to vote and that the state should not be creating obstacles to stop them.” 

Gov. Perdue’s Statement on the Override of the Veto of H.B 854

The Republican’s social agenda has, with this bill, invaded a woman’s life as never before – by marching straight into her doctor’s office and dictating the medical advice and treatment she receives. I remain opposed to this legislation.

The North Carolina General Assembly will convene today in accordance with the Adjournment Resolution here is the schedule for today. The only committee meeting today is the Rules and Operation of the Senate (typically where bills go to die), and sessions of the NC Senate and the NC House
 are currently scheduled for today. They are expected to vote on maps that will define the new district maps in North Carolina and continue the process of overriding some of the bills that the Governor has vetoed while they were adjourned. 

If you cannot listen to these meetings live, check back later to see if I have. I currently plan to listen to the PED meeting scheduled for 9am this morning. If I have, I'll post the audio (and a download link) for the meeting in the calendar. You can also follow what is happening in the NC General Assembly by keeping an eye on the hashtag #ncga on Twitter.

If I haven't been able to listen, please check with Voter Radio. You should already be subscribing to their podcasts anyway. I do. 

Link for audio webcasts by room. The old linking system no longer works.

11:00 AM
Session Convenes (House)

HB 351 Lewis, T. Moore, and Killian (Primary Sponsors) - RESTORE CONFIDENCE IN GOVERNMENT. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/23/11) (Ratified Edition)
HB 482 Burr - WATER SUPPLY LINES/WATER VIOLATION WAIVERS. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/27/11) (Ratified Edition)
HB 854 Samuelson and McElraft (Primary Sponsors) - ABORTION-WOMAN'S RIGHT TO KNOW ACT. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/27/11) (Ratified Edition)
SB 532 Clary and Rucho (Primary Sponsors) - EMPLOYMENT SECURITY COMMISSION/JOBS REFORM. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/30/11) (Ratified Edition)
SB 709 Rucho, Brown and Tucker (Primary Sponsors) - ENERGY JOBS ACT. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/30/11) (Ratified Edition)
SB 727 Hise - NO DUES CHECKOFF FOR SCHOOL EMPLOYEES. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/18/11) (Ratified Edition)
12:00 NOON
Rules and Operations of the Senate (Senate) [Website of Committee]
Study Moped Registration and Liability Ins. (H389)
Electoral Freedom Act of 2011. (H32)
1027 LB
1:00 PM
Session Convenes (Senate)

SB 790 Nesbitt SENATE FAIR AND LEGAL. [Link to Map]

Maps the NC Senate will be considering today:

Congressional Fair and Legal [Link to Map]

Possible NC Senate Districts [Link to Map]

NC Senate Legal and Fair [Link to Map]

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