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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Press Release From Jeff Miller Regarding Dan Eichenbaum's Broken Promise of Support & Endorsement

Press Release
Jeff Miller 2010 GOP candidate for Congress 
11th Congressional District of North Carolina

July 13, 2011
Hendersonville, NC

In response to the announcement that Dr. Dan Eichenbaum is once again seeking the Republican nomination for Congress from NC-11, I find it unfortunate but necessary for the voters to know that he was the only one of my primary opponents to break his commitment to the primary voters to endorse and support the winner of that primary.

All six 2010 candidates made the same promise not only to each other - but much more importantly - to the voters.  We promised them that no matter who won we would endorse and support the eventual winner in the contest against Heath Shuler.

Jake Howard, Ed Krause, Greg Newman, and Kenny West each kept their word.  Dr. Eichenbaum never did.

I have seen statements by Dr. Eichenbaum in recent days that appear designed to muddy this point.  To be clear, there is no gray area- Dr. Eichenbaum failed this most basic test of honor and commitment to the voters.

This is not about me or the results of the last campaign.  I do not think Dr. Eichebaum's endorsement or support would have changed the outcome.  It is about the voters and the fact that they deserve to have candidates keep their commitments to them.

Jeff Miller
2010 Republican Congressional Candidate

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