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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Problems With Frontier Communications DSL:
Unacceptably Slow Speeds Today

The never-ending saga of slow or interrupted Internet Service provided by Frontier Communications is continuing today. 

Today, my speed test results are: (courtesy SpeedTest)

Ping (closest and lowest ping) was 719 milliseconds (It usually ran 20-40 milliseconds w Verizon) 
Download Speed was 0.78 Mbps (It usually ran in the 3-4 Mbps range with Verizon)
Upload Speed was 0.54 Mbps (It usually ran in the 0.7 to 0.8 range with Verizon)

This is unacceptable. Every time I call Frontier, I get a different explanation, a line cut in Salisbury or Sylva, or a server down in a number of different locations.

Due to the technical failure of frontier, I will likely be unable to listen and report on the proceedings of the NC General Assembly today if they are unable to clear this up before 9am. I can't even play the video I recorded last night to confirm that it works properly. 

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