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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch the Last landing of the Shuttle Era Live
The Last Landing of the Atlantis

I've replaced the mission patch with a photo of the landing of the Atlantis.

Today is  a sad day for me. The last shuttle landing is scheduled for this morning. The space program that I grew up with is ending.

I have embedded a couple of video players below for you to choose from to watch the Atlantis fall from the heavens for the last time...the current planned time for the landing is 5.56am.

**update** The live coverage has ended and NASA has uploaded video of the landing, so here is video of that last landing:

Stream videos at Ustream
This player is provided by NASA.
Live Streaming by Ustream
This video feed is provided by SpaceVidcast, my favorite Citizen Journalists on the spaceflight beat. And, if you have concerns about bandwidth, or are on a mobile device, check out this Ustream Channel that has been optimized for mobile devices. Bookmark and Share