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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Shuttle Era Is Over.
Will the Next Man on the Moon Be Chinese?

Hat Tip: @jacklail

Glenn Reynolds is The Blog Father.
Jerry Pournelle blogs at Chaos Manor


I think that a $10 billion X-Prize for something like a lunar colony is not enough. I think that perhaps $100 might make it a worthwhile target for someone.

The problem with man in space is affordability. A lot of money and time will be needed before that can happen, and that won't happen unless corporations realize just how much wealth is available in space for the taking once it has been mined and processed. See PERMANENT for more information on what I believe our next step in space should be focused upon...mining and processing raw ore from the asteroids.

Another source of great wealth is Helium-3 on, and in, the surface of the moon. It has excellent properties for nuclear fusion reactors, as well as in other industries.

we currently lack the will to make the next step, and as Jerry Pournelle pointed out in the above video, "There's not enough opportunity for graft to get Congress involved". That may be the most concisely accurate statement regarding how the United States Congress operates than any I've ever heard.

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