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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Barking Moonbat Alert for Dec 5th

I was looking for some Socialist "Progressive" coverage of the MSU protest of Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), and found this instead:

A group called Israel IDEA is sponsoring a visit to Ann Arbor by Brigitte Gabriel on Monday, December 4, 2006 at 8 PM in Auditorium C of Angell Hall, University of Michigan. Reports of Israel IDEA's activities have appeared on the web sites of the David Project and and the group is, apparently, led by UM undergrads Jessica Risch and Brad Stulberg.

Brigitte Gabriel is the founder of the American Congress for Truth and the author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. Gabriel is a popular speaker on the pro-Israel lecture circuit and is a member of the Jewish National Fund Speakers Bureau. Muslims, Arabs, and their friends and allies should give Gabriel a proper welcome.
Sounds interesting. The blogger, Peacemonger, is a barking moonbat:

The purpose of this blog is to expose Zionists subverting the peace movement, especially in Michigan. 'Progressive Zionism' is to Zionism what 'progressive Nazism' would have been to Nazism.

An anti-Zionist, and Anti-Israeli. That this person has compared Zionism to Nazism tells me all I need to know about the well of hate they dip their water from, and they have a nice little graphic on the sidebar identifying how to tell if a product was made in Israel, so that it may be boycotted. I hope they know a goodly fractional of computer chips, especially for mobile phones, and laptops are made in Israel. Since they may trackback to this post, I won't give the full list, but it is quite extensive.

On the Zionism+Nazism theme, I wonder what the Nazi response would have been to the Paleoswinian suicide bombers, to the Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorist Groups, to the multiple invasions of their country by numerically superior armies, to "terrorist-sympathizers, i.e. peace-mongering human-rights activists? Oh, and did I fail to mention that the Nazis had nukes? If you guessed "laid waste to their enemies," step to the front of the class!

In case the "peacemonering" moonbat isn't familiar with some numbers of the Tide of Satanic Hate against Israel, some numbers fromThe Skreeching Skraeling:

56% of Israelis support negotiating with the Palestinian Hamas-led government
75% of Israelis believe Israel is struggling for its survival
63% of Palestinians support adopting Hezbollah's methods of attacking Israeli towns with rockets
57% of Palestinian said they support the bombing of Israeli civilians
75% of Palestinians said they support the kidnapping Israel Defense Force soldiers
80% of Palestinians believe that Israel and Palestine cannot coexist

Number of Jews worldwide: approximately 14 million
Number of Jews in the US: approximately 6 million
Number of Jews in Israel: approximately 5 million
Number of Jews killed in the Holocaust: approximately 7 million

Palestinian Refugees seeking the "Right of Return" to Israel: over 4 million
Jewish Refugees expelled from Arab countries: over 1 million

Number of times Palestinians have been offered a state of their own and have refused: at least twice (in 1948 and 2000)

Number of Israel's neighbors' active armed forces: over 2 million
Number of Israel's active armed forces: 170,000

Number of times Jerusalem is mentioned by name in the Bible: 811
Number of times Jerusalem is mentioned by name in the Koran: 0

Number of terrorist attacks worldwide from August 1998 to August 2003 according to the Associated Press: 15
Number of terrorist attacks in Israel included in that list: 0
Number of terrorist attacks in Israel during that period: over 800

Length of time after the establishment of the United Nations before the word "anti-Semitism" was first mentioned in a UN resolution: 50 years

Number of UN Security Council resolutions condemning Israel: over 50
Number of UN Security Council resolutions condemning Palestinians: 0

Number of UN General Assembly resolutions condemning Israel: over 300
Number of UN General Assembly resolutions condemning Palestinians: 0

The United Nations are also full of anti-Zionists, anti-Israelis, and thuggish Dictators. We would be better off out of the U.N. and with the U.N. located elsewhere.

Damning evidence against the U.N. per The American Thinker:

Every single day, hundreds of African tribesmen are killed in Darfur by militias acting with the blessing of Sudan's Arab Islamist government. Each day, Hamas bombs from Gaza deliberately target innocent Israeli civilians in Sderot: although the weapons are crude, they occasionally find their mark -- last week a Qassam killed Fatima Slutsker, a 57-year-old (Muslim) Israeli woman who was waiting for her (Jewish) Israeli husband at a bus stop. Hezbollah, backed by Iran and Syria, has ratcheted up its campaign of violence this week, assassinating a Maronite Christian cabinet minister in Lebanon in a blatant attempt to provoke a constitutional crisis. (As of this writing, under the Byzantine Lebanese constitution, the terrorist group needs to eliminate only one more minister to bring about the collapse of the government.) The life-span of Zimbabweans is 34 years, and 550,000 have died over the past three years due to deliberate policies of the Mugabe dictatorship.

All of these barbaric crimes are human and moral tragedies that call for international action, prioritization, even obsession. But that self-proclaimed source of international legitimacy, the United Nations is not obsessed or even particularly concerned with any of them. None of these abuses of human rights by authoritarian regimes or movements was the object of the General Assembly resolution "condemning the military assaults...which have caused loss of life and extensive destruction...of particular the killing of many... civilians, including children and women." For none of these violations of the right to life did the UN summon righteous indignation to "emphasize the importance of the safety and well-being of all civilians" and demand "the immediate cessation of military incursions and all acts of violence, terror, provocation, incitement and destruction."

Rather, since November 7, the UN has been obsessed with one accident, committed in self-defense, by the world body's favorite pariah, the democratic State of Israel.
No, the Barking Moonbat Progressives are not for peace. They are for the suicide of Western Civilization, and replacing it with their vision of Utopia, which has, and always will, fail where ever it is tried. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Communist China, Communist Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, just to name the most notorious examples.

Would you have these people do that to our Republic?


I'm a bit confused here.

Or not.

If you think Brigitte Gabriel is anti-Israeli, you are wrong.

If you think she's Muslim, you are wrong.

If you think she hates anyone, including Muslims, you are wrong.

What Brigitte Gabriel is fighting against is Islamic extremeists. She's fighting to preserve Western values, particularly those of the United States.

I don't think you read my post at all.
I am quoting someone else, and calling them a barking moonbat, I support Brigitte and everything she does. I support Israel, and hold to the belief that there are no other practising Muslims than the extremist kind, because the ones who are moderate are not practising Muslims.

The paragraphs that are indented on both sides are quotes from other websites...there should be a link to where I found those words either in the paragraph preceding of following.