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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mosque Construction Deterrent Identified

Check out a link to a video over at The Gates of Vienna where residents feel they have to take things into their own hands to stop the construction of a mosque:

Danish residents use pig blood to deter building of mosque

Njalsgade Copenhagen 4 December 2006 — Last night some people protested against the construction of Mosques on European soil by defiling a proposed site with pigs blood.

A bag filled with Pig’s blood was splattered at the ground of a planed mosque in Copenhagen.

A video of the act — showing the men pouring a red liquid on the ground, and speaking in English, was released to the media, anonymously…

This gives me some small hope that the people of EUrabia will do what their government does not have the will to do, resist a demographic invasion, similar to what we face from our neighbors to the south (Florida AND Mexico)!