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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Leftists Resist Wealth Creation in Favor of Theft

A Dangerous Obsession

A Dangerous Obsession, Part II

A Dangerous Obsession, Part III

A Dangerous Obsession, Part IV

Many poverty-stricken people in the Third World work harder than most Americans work but, for a number of reasons, they don't produce as much. That is why these countries are poor.

Transferring wealth from 300 million Americans and spreading it out over more than two billion people in India and China is not going to do much. But enabling more people in India or China to become more productive can help them and us -- and has.

Multinational corporations are among the biggest spreaders of greater productivity to Third World countries and they usually pay higher wages than local employers. But moral exhibitionists who are hot for the redistribution of other people's money are among the biggest critics of multinational corporations.
Mr. Sowell is right on the money, and more people should be educated about the self-destructive nature of Leftist Philosophy.