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Monday, December 11, 2006

Things I Wanted To Post About, But...

Never got around to until now.

Found at Cox and Forkum:

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How UN and NGO’s demonize Israel

There It couldn’t be a more perfect time


Today, December 10, marks International Human Rights Day, and the presence in Israel of Irene Khan, head of Amnesty International, highlights the demise of once-lofty goals. Amnesty International is a superpower with an annual budget of almost $200 million, used to promote radical political agendas and photo-ops for its leaders.

As a result, little remains of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in the shadow of the Holocaust. Officials of Amnesty and other non-governmental organizations focus their attacks on democracies attempting to defend against terror, with far fewer resources to oppose totalitarian and genocidal regimes such as Sudan and Iran.
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And this was on Maggie's Farm:

Crisis of the Week: Climate Change on Mars (with a humble and heart-felt apology to the entire Dutch Community)

We now have more evidence of global warming on Mars than we do on the earth. As the ice melts, it is causing harmful erosion, and soon the beautiful natural deserts may be under ten feet of water, thus destroying potential happy habitats for camels and Arabs. (Nice for the Dutch, though, who prefer to live in swamps, below sea level.)

There may be a risk that Martian craters, now in their pristine natural form, may fill with water and be destroyed like Crater Lake in the image. Water vapor will doubtless add to the heat-trapping of Martian warming, and erosion will release more CO2 from the soil and rocks, creating a true crisis for Martian planetary stability. An atmosphere means weather, and weather means bad weather, like Katrina.

Thus the policy of environmental destruction continues unabated under Bush. But what can we, as individuals, do to save the Martian environment from further degradation? More recycling and more car-pooling are fun places to start.

Another good idea is to have a neighborhood "Save the Martian Environment Party." Serve Mars-friendly hors doeuvres and snacks, and exchange ideas about what we all can do to save the Martian environment. Remember: No idea is wrong! It's fun, and Mars-friendly!
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I am very sorry that I forgot where I found the Barney Cam, so I can't give a proper Tip of the Hat...gotta remember to notice where I'm at more often!

“Mr. President, I Yield the Floor”

by Baron Bodissey

The departure of Rick Santorum from the United States Senate is one of the more signicant instances in which the walls of Western Civilization have been sapped. So many breaches in in the defenses, so many mujahideen over the walls rampaging through the city, and so little time to stop them!

This past Thursday Sen. Santorum gave a rousing farewell speech on the Senate floor on behalf of the Counterjihad. Some excerpts are included below; the full text is posted at The 910 Group Blog.
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