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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thoughts on 2006

The events of the past few days seem to have pushed a whole year's worth of events aside, as if to say they didn't matter.

I won't cheat, and pore through my posts of 2006 to refresh my memory. I'll do that later, when I am in a reflective mood.

I think the execution of Saddam will live as the most important event of the year, despite my closeness to it in time that may obscure my view.

My view is that the display by the Islamopithecines who chanted and disrupted Saddam's attempt to say the Shahada was contemptible. I daresay that sort of scene would be gleefully repeated if the Kos Kid types got their fantasy fulfilled of putting President Bush through the same circumstances, as evidenced through their posts on Daily Kos.

These people show more empathy to a man who is responsible for the deaths of over a million people, many of them his own countrymen, women, and children; and the oppression of tens of million.

They hate the man, President George W Bush, who has liberated around 50 million souls at the cost of a few thousand lives, telling far more about the dark places of their souls than about the object of their hate. I do not agree with all his policies, but, I am glad that God has raised him up to stand in the gap.

The other event that has significance for the future is the November midterms that swayed a tenuous control of the Senate from the Republicans to an equally tenuous control of the Democratic Party...setting us up nicely for 2008.

Part and Parcel to that was the loss of Charles Taylor's Congressional seat to a man claiming to be conservative. We shall see. I think he would make a good running mate for John Edwards. I wonder what the mechanism of replacement for a Congress Critter is? Would Governor Sleasley make the call? A quick internet search revealed that a temporary appointment may be made, but only until an election could be held. Speculation on my part...

I honestly can't tell you anything else about the year that looms large, except perhaps the media blitz by Hezbollah and western media served to put Israel in Samson-like chains. There are efforts afoot to prevent the traitorous activity by "the fourth estate," whop view themselves as "citizens of the world" rather than of their homeland, or of western civilization.

The 910 Group is part of that response.

Wretchard has a superb analysis at The Belmont Club of the problem and solution already underway.

The West Carolina Report is an early phase of my response on the local and state level.

I am optimistic for 2007. Now, if we can get Heads Up America, The John Batchelor Show, and No Apologies Radio back on the air...we'd really be cooking!!!

I wish all my readers and compatriots a Happy New Year!!!

P.S. Matt Drudge just made the observation that the networks did not hesitate to show American troops get shot by snipers, and fall to the ground,,,and they muted the sound, and stopped tape just before the drop out of respect for Saddam. Yes, that is another piece of evidence for the tribunal of history.



absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
HAPPY NEW YEAR Infidels!!!

ignore the threat of Jihad
just keep sleeping like sheep

I like the poem, and your blog.
I'll add you to my links.

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