I am working on the template of this blog today in order to chase down some problems that have developed with my template and widgets.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How to Operate The New Widgets On My Sidebar

I have worked myself pretty hard chasing down headlines, trying to decide which ones to post on West Carolina Report, and have decided to use a variety of widgets to handle the headlines in various categories by creating a widget for each category of news so I won't be spending four or five hours every morning copying and pasting headlines and URLs. That will give me more time to highlight a few of the important stories, and perhaps comment on them.

I'll still have to get most of my state and local news headlines in person because most of the local papers don't use feeds.

The Widgets will also be in my sidebars...probably on my right sidebar for three categories, and the rest will be at West Carolina Report.

Here are the first two widgets I have developed, one for tracking Jihad Watchers:

and another for tracking the 2008 Presidential Campaign:

The Menu button will allow you to access the feeds individually, and you can use your mouse to scroll down the selections and choose a feed to read, or you can use the arrow keys to go through the websites one by one. Currently, I have 14 in the Jihad Watchers category, and about eight in the 2008 Campaign Tracker, and will be adding more. You can click on a story, and a new window or tab will open up to take you to that website to read more on what piques your interest.

If you have a blog or a website, you can add the widget to your website by clicking on options and selecting either HTML, or JS for use on most platforms, and copy and paste the code into your website template.

I will be adding more categories of widgets for the next few weeks, until I have all my news categories covered. I will also put them on West Carolina Report when I figure out where I am going to put them. Let me know here if you have any trouble operating them.


I am curious how you decided to use springwidgets? I have used them, widgetbox, and Clearspring, and found that overall the easiest and most feature rich platform was clearspring. You can check out widget development here


I have grown tired of posting headline news to my news site by hand, and was looking for a way to automate most of the process.

Thank you for the other choices...I never saw any of them on my google search results.

My favorite, I think, is rss-info.

It takes less time to load on the page than the springwidgets.

I will check out clearwidgets.