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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Asheville Progresives React To The Carolina Stompers

The above video was inspired by the continuing dismay of Progressives, Progressitarians (a new word?) and the Pagans to The Carolina Stompers in Asheville, NC.

In particular, this comment thread over at Mountain Xpress.

You can visit The Carolina Stompers to find out what has them so very upset.

**update 1.59pm**

This is getting even better than I had expected!!! Lady Passion has threatened to sue me for the video satirizing their behavior!

Her comments:

Rash, unwise act, Thunderpig.

You and the Stompers may be legally liable for posting that video:

You either plagerized the opening sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey — thereby possibly violating Intellectual Property Rights law — or possibly violated copyright law if you posted actual snippets from the movie without permission from the production or distribution company.

If you’re a Stompers member and they supported you uploading this, the entire group could conceivably be sued.

[Preserved Page]

Here is where I obtained the video.

I have known many who practiced Wicca, and none of them have acted in this manner. Most have been good-natured, with a live and let live attitude. Methinks it is something personal...


FWIW, I LOLed at that video.

The sound was waaaaaaaaaay out of sync, but I'm pretty sure that's a YouTube thing.