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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ada Fisher Joins Lefties, RINOs in a Racially Motivated Attack on RNC Chair Candidate

This is so sad:

Earlier this month, Fisher announced her support for South Carolina chairman Katon Dawson in his bid for the head of the national party, despite a controversy over his membership in a country club that doesn't admit blacks.

Now she has criticized another candidate for the top post, Chip Saltsman, for distributing a CD as a Christmas gift that included a song by Rush Limbaugh called "Barack the Magic Negro."

"Racist actions and deeds have no place in the party," she wrote in an open letter to Saltsman. "The lack of sensitivity in understanding the historical election we just had and the challenges this nation faces as we must bind our wounds as well as bring our people together requires that we set aside our biases and search out those constitutional principles inherent in our nation's foundings and our parties operation which must undergrid us as we move forward."

Under The Dome
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I think that Dr. Fisher has revealed far more about her limited worldview than she thought she was exposing. 

Perhaps she does not realize that the whole "Barack the Magic Negro" got it's start in a LA Times piece by a radical lefty. Then, Paul Shanklin did a parody song about it, and Rush Limbaugh has used it ever since. 

Here is the parody song if you haven't heard it:

I think that Dr. Ada Fisher should not drink the racist PC Kool Aid and think a little for her self instead of going around calling people racist in a knee-jerk reaction. Shame on her for joining the lefty attack on Chip Saltsman!!!


Up until he decided to run, South Carolina Republican Chairman Katon Dawson... ELEVEN YEARS member in a WHITES ONLY KKKountry KKKlub.

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, who would be the party’s first black chairman could have a job checking your coat there... because, being a negro, he wouldn't have a membership to Dawson's WHITES ONLY KKKountry KKKlub.

We have to be on guard and not become like the liberals and deny people the right to be different from us. I noted that Ada did reference the constitution and does that not mention freedom of speach. Could be that there is not a "boggy man" behind every rock.

Just difference of opinions.

She is denying people the right to have a different sense of humor than she does, and wears her race on her sleeve.