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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Public Safety Log for 01-18-2020

Franklin truck #1160 responding to a medical call on January 17, 2020

Public Safety Log for 01-18-2020

1:20am Public Assist Franklin EMS

1:35am Medical Call Franklin EMS

6:30am Vehicle Fire Franklin VFD/Squad 4

• a vehicle was reported on fire in the old Ingles parking lot on East Palmer Street. Firefighters arriving on the scene advised the fire was closer to the Orkin Pest Control building. [Facebook

10:47am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Clarks Chapel VFD

• Initial dispatch report of a person down beside the road near Tractor Supply. A Scaly Mountain Firefighter reported it as near Colonial Inn. Firefighters and the NCSHP removed the man from the roadway and response was cut to routine traffic. [Facebook]

12:01 Medical Transfer Franklin EMS (Code Yellow transport to Mission)

12:30pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Otto VFD

2:20pm Contact EOC Otto VFD

• The Emergency Operations Center toned on the chief and assistant chiefs and asked them to contact the EOC. This was for a search. The subjects were eventually located above Hurricane Creek by Squad 4 at around 3:09pm and transported to Franklin Plaza, where they were reunited with their party. Squad 4 was not formally toned out to this incident.

2:48pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Clarks Chapel VFD (injury at Macon Middle School)

2:50pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Clarks Chapel VFD (injury at Macon Middle School) (no response to the first callout)

3:18pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

5:49pm Fire Alarm Burningtown-Iotla VFD (firefighters arrived and vented smoke from the residence)

9:36pm Fire Alarm Cowee VFD

10:07pm Accident West Macon VFD/Franklin VFD

• overturned vehicle reported two miles west of the point where the four-lane become a two-lane road on US-64.

10:34pm Medical Call Franklin EMS (laceration injury)

10:36pm Public Assist Franklin EMS

11:09pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

11:28pm Chimney Fire Highlands VFD/Highlands EMS (Rich Gap Road)


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Published on Saturday, January 18, 2020