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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Public Safety Log for 01-30-2020

File Photo from September 2016.


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Public Safety Log for 01-30-2020

3:23am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

8:41am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD (fall injury in the parking lot at Social Security Office)

11:45am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Mountain Valley VFD

1:39am Accident Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

• A two-car accident was reported at Siler Road and Siler Farm Road. The accident was actually on Siler Farm Road at the entrance to SCC and the county library. There were no injuries. [LINK]

2:15pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

3:48pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

4:11pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

5:26pm Message Franklin VFD

7:05pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

9:13pm Medical Transfer Franklin EMS (Code Orange transport to Mission)

9:43pm Medical Alarm Franklin EMS/Burningtown-Iotla VFD

11:10pm Public Assist Franklin EMS


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Published on Thursday, January 30, 2020