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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Public Safety Log for 01-25-2020

Photo taken January 23, 2020

Public Safety log fo 01-25-2020

1:51am Medical call Franklin EMS/Cullasaja-Gorge VFD

7:08am Accident Otto VFD/Franklin EMS/Squad 4

• Report of a twelve-year-old being run over by an automobile on Pleasant Cove Road. Personnel arrived to find that a vehicle being worked on had fallen on a man working on it.

9:25am Medical Call Franklin EMS

9:31am Medical Call Franklin EMS (unwitnessed death)

10:37am Public Assist Franklin EMS

11:08am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD (fall injury)

11:21am Medical Standby Franklin EMS

• An ambulance from the Franklin EMS Base was transferred to Station 5 in Rabun County while multiple units from Rabun County EMS were occupied working an accident at the intersection of US-441 and Cathey Road. [CLAYTON TIBUNE] [WDUN]

11:28am Medical Call Franklin EMS (fall injury)

4:17pm Public Assist Franklin EMS

5:19pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

8:15pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Otto VFD

8:55pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Clarks Chapel VFD

9:12pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

•female reported down on the side of the road near Tallent's Produce.

11:23pm Medical Call Nantahala EMS/Nantahala VFD

11:24pm Structue Fire Mountain Valley VFD

• A person observing a live feed from a security camera reported their neighbor's house looked like it was on fire. Firefighters arrived and could find no fire.

11:25pm Mutual Aid Structure Fire Franklin VFD/Cowee VFD (see narrative on previous entry)

11:26pm Medical Call Franklin EMS


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Published on Saturday, January 25, 2020