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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Public Safety Log for 01-26-2020

An overturned truck on US-441. The photo was taken on March 30, 2017.

Public Safety Log for 01-26-2020

12:07am Fire Alarm Burningtown-Iotla VFD (Liberty Wood Products)

3:32am Medical Call Franklin EMS

5:25am Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

9:46am Medical Cal Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

10:44am Medical Call Franklin EMS

2:34pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

• an inmate at the Macon County Detention Facility suffered a broken ankle (bone is protruding from the skin), unknown cause. Emergency personnel found the inmate had multiple broken bones, including both ankles and a leg.

A report by the Sheriff's Office was posted on Facebook, but no press release was sent to this outlet.

"Earlier today an inmate was injured at the Macon County Detention Center. 911 was immediately notified and EMS & first responders from Franklin Fire Dept. responded to the scene. Inmate was checked out and transferred to a medical facility.

An investigation into the incident was initiated immediately. The preliminary findings are that the injured inmate was being encouraged by other inmates to climb up to the bunk area of the cell block & jump from the elevated area to the floor below. The inmate jumped at an elevation of between 15-18 feet. After landing on the floor below and injuring himself, other inmates notified detention officers who responded and called 911. Inmate’s injuries includes fractures to both ankles with one compound fracture and one leg fracture. After several attempts, Detention Staff was able to contact a family member and notified them of the incident and subsequent injuries.

As with all inmates incarcerated at the Macon County Detention Center, unless a waiver has been signed or verbal authorization has been granted by an inmate, medical information may not be released, not even to family members. This is due to the fact that there are strict federal & state guidelines that govern who and what information we can release.

We see no reason to release the identity of this inmate. We are releasing the information into this incident because other inmate’s families have been contacting us concerned after hearing about EMS responding to the Detention Center and were concerned. This particular inmate’s family has been contacted and they are in communication with MCSO Detention Staff. Our staff will now be responsible for around the clock security at the hospital."

2:35pm Medical Alarm Franklin EMS/Otto VFD

3:18pm Public Assist Franklin EMS

4:23pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

5:36pm Medical Call Franklin EMS/Franklin VFD

10:51pm Medical Call Franklin EMS

11:48pm Medical Call Franklin EMS (fall injury)

12:03am EMS Mutual Aid Franklin VFD

• assistance with EMS call dispatched at 11:48pm [LINK]

12:11am Medical Call Franklin VFD/Otto VFD

1:44am Medical Transfer Franklin EMS 

•Code Orange transport from Angel ER to Mission


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Published on Sunday, January 26, 2020