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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Action Club Suffers Billboard Vandalism, Again

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The last time The Action Club put up billboards, they suffered vandalism as well [July 2006].

You can see a photo of the billboard on WNC Conservatives, and you can read the story posted at Mountain Xpress, along with video shot by Jason Sanford (who is seen in this video here questioning participants and filming during the press conference) who also runs the AshVegas blog.

Others covering:

Carolina Stompers
Buncombe GOP
Green Asheville
Zen posts a photo (read the comments for the laughter)

If you know of any more, lemme know in the comments.

The Asheville Slimes apparently did not cover the billboard vandalism, but did report that KKK was written on a car in Black Mountain. I'm guessing they couldn't be bothered. Typical.

The act was typical of someone with a lefty showed a flagrant disregard for the private property rights of the people who paid for the billboard message, and the willingness to commit a crime to usurp the Free Speech rights of people with a different point of view. Lefties seem to feel a need to try to drown out any opposing viepoints by shouting down their opponents or by defacing the property of others instead of paying for a competing message, they stole property and time worth hundreds of dollars from The Action Club to get their message out...just as they would steal money out of your pocket (in the form of taxes) to pay for their pet projects.

Think about this as you go vote today. Remember the tactics of intimidation practiced by those on the left. Do you really want this nation ruled by people with a similar mindset?