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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 Election Results and Pondering the Future of the GOP


Senator Barack Hussein Obama won over 330 Electoral Votes and a 2 million plus plurality of the popular vote over Senator John Sydney McCain III.

John McCain tried to portray himself as a conservative. He is not. He is what we used to call a Reagan Democrat. I supported him and his campaign, but only because he was better than the alternative. God help us all now, for Obama and the Democrats in Congress will take us so far left in the next four years...we will be decades..if ever, recovering from their depredations upon our Republic.

I hope that conservatives with a backbone will emerge over the course of the next few years.


52.63% 2,2111000 Kay Hagan
44.21% 1,857,077 Elizabeth Dole
03.21% 0,131,158 Christopher Cole

I like Dole, but she stayed away from North Carolina too long, and it came back to bite her on the bottom. I hate that she lost because it will likely force me to support the re-election of Senator Burr, and I so wanted to punish him for his vote on the Socialist Bailout Bill.



63.44% 263,151 David Price
36.56% 151,672 BJ Lawson

This race tickles me because Lawson ran as a Ron Paul friendly Republican, and should serve as a lesson to the Paulorrhoids.


58.29% 188,273 Virginia Foxx
41.71% 134,696 Roy Carter


55.40% 155,633 Larry Kissell
44.60% 125,281 Robin Hayes

This one hurts if no other reason than the progressives at Blue NC have been trying to get Kissell elected for years.


57.56% 170,811 Patrick McHenry
42.44% 125,936 Daniel Johnson

This one tickles me because the progressives at Scrutiny Hooligans have been trying to defeat McHenry for years (to no avail), and have spewed forth a steady stream of filth and smut in that endeavour. Eat that, Drama Queens!!!


62.12% 207,037 Heath Shuler
36.69% 118,938 Carl Mumpower
02.19% 007,302 Keith Smith

I expected Shuler to win, but not by 25 points. I was expecting 10 or 15. Let this be a lesson to anyone wishing to run for US need money. If you don't want to take money, then don't try to play in a game that requires vast amounts.

I predict that Congressman Shuler is now entrenched, and it will take a very concerted effort to remove him.

And I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the invisible candidate, Keith Smith. As far as I know, he did not attend a single campaign event, tour the district or even post his photo on the Internet and still got 2 percent of the vote. Just think what he could have done if he had been a serious candidate!


50.19% 2,107,035 Bev Perdue
46.93% 1,970,185 Pat McCrory
02.87% 0,120,594 Mike Munger

In this race, the Mayor of Charlotte tried to masquerade as a conservative. One does not get re-elected Mayor of Charlotte by being a conservative, nor does he (or she) support light rail with tax dollars.

That being said, Pat would have been a good Governor, but I am tired of politicians trying to call themselves conservative when they are not. It confuses the idiots who don't read Edmund Burke, Kirk Russell, Richard Weaver or the early writings of William F. Buckley.


Les Merritt fell to Beth Woods. In a tough year for Republicans, he made sure every knew he was one.


#47 Joe Sam Queen held off Keith Presnell.
#48 Tom Apodaca ran unopposed in a GOP-safe district.
#49 Martin Nesbitt held off RL Clark in what is likely to be his last attempt.
#50 John Snow held off Susan Pons.


#114 Susan Fisher ran unopposed in a Democrat-friendly district.
#115 Bruce Goforth held off Paul Purdue.
#116 Jane Whilden held off Tim Moffitt in a RINO-friendly district.
#119 Phil Haire held off Dodie Allen.
#120 Roger West ran unopposed in a Republican-friendly district.



Buncombe County saw a Democrat sweep of all seats. Not a single Republican won, or even came close to winning.

I thought Ramsey could hold off Gantt, and I thought Holly Jones would be the top vote getter. Here is the order of finish: Bailey, Jones, Stanley, and Peterson winning seats, and Carroll, McKee, Yelton and Fryar not winning enough to get a seat on the commission. I thought Carroll stood a chance, but this is a Democrat year with tens of thousands of Obama voters providing long coat tails for all Democrats.


DISTRICT II--Jim Davis ran unopposed in a Republican-friendly district.

DISTRICT III--Bobby Kuppers barely held off Jimmy Goodman by 300 votes in a closely contested race. Goodman unseated the Commission Chariman, Charles Leatherman in the primary.

There are other races I want to cover, but those were the most important for me to get out and comment on.


The Republican party must rebuild. A period of discarding RINOs and re-tooling at the precinct level up should be undertaken in the next two years.

My slogan for the next two years will be "The GOP must visit the ER".

Here is what I mean:

E for EDUCATION. We should educate our own party members on what conservatism is, and throw out those who are not conservatives in order to prune the party for new growth. That growth cannot, and will not, take place until the old disease of Moderate and Liberal Republicans are thrown out of the tent.

R is for REGISTRATION. After we educate our members on what we stand for, then we can go go recruit new members. A good number of the Unafilliateds used to be Republicans, and they left the party because we decided we needed a big tent.

It should be evident to all that the Big Tent Philosophy has been an EPIC FAIL.

So, we are 75 or so days away from becoming the Party of the Resistance.