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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Mumbai Terror Strikes Could Happen Here

I have been concerned since September 11, 2001 that terrorists would engage in a distributive-type attack where a dozen or so could bring a city to a stand still or a couple hundred could bring the nation to a brief stop.

All it would take for a small-scale attack is 5 or 6 gunmen to attack a Friday night football game, Saturday afternoon soccer match or other public gathering in small town America. They could kill dozens, if not hundreds, in such an attack.

Hotels, Motels, Theaters, Restaurants, Schools, Public Transit Hubs and Concert Halls could be attacked the same way...some of this did occur in the Mumbai Strikes.

Now, imagine this on a larger scale in several cities, perhaps even in larger ones with over 30,000 population. In these larger cities, there is so much foot traffic that a coordinated attack could herd people into ever smaller areas, making for a killing zone that would yield thousands dead.  

I am thankful that such an attack has not been made on American soil. My hope is that  we never see such carnage on our streets. My feeling is that the genie is now out of the bottle on such attacks. 

By the way, you do have a concealed carry permit, don't you?

I have been in the habit of carrying at least one .45 ACP with three magazines on my person in the past couple of years...if more of us did that sort of thing, and happened to be in a place chosen by terrorists to would provide for an inoculation against a similar attempt, wouldn't it?

Perhaps the perception that we are an armed society has kept us far.

Happy Thanksgiving, and keep the people of Mumbai in your prayers, and the faces of terrorists on your targets when you visit your local gun range.

And remember that places that try to prevent the exercise of the Second Amendment on their premises will be the most likely places hit by terrorists...I know if I were one...they would be very high on my list.