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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie Review:
Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond movie, continues the reboot of the Bond Franchise with Daniel Craig as a violent 007 leaving a trail of wrecked bodies, buildings and vehicles behind him as the story takes off where Casin Royale left us. His humor is very subtle, and his rage heart-warming.

The story tells a tale of revenge, and the title gives us a clue of the ending.

I like this movie and give it two hooves up and an extra squeal for the violent clashes that leave the landscape broken, charred, destroyed and shattered and the survivors bashed, bleeding and bruised.

I also detected a bit of a nod to John Le Carre in this movie, and will have to re-watch Casino Royale to see what I missed or have forgotten.

I was satisfied and the story worked on many levels…and left many of the reviewers behind. It is a solid entry into the Bond Saga and I look forward to purchasing it on DVD so I can take a peek at the behind the scenes of how the movie was made.

I am always impressed with Judi Dench, and I can’t imagine M as a man now that I have seen her own the part.

Final Rating: Two Hooves up and an Extra Squeal.


I forgot to comment about the song and the opening credits.

The song was not a Bond song, and the opening credits were spectacular.

I hated the song.