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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homofascism in California

The people have spoken in California on preserving marriage as being between one man and one woman. Of course, the homofascists refuse to acknowledge the will of the people or even display a modicum of civility.

Witness the hate-filled lefties for yourself:

Read the story connected to this display of typical behavior from homosexual advocates.

Hat Tip: KR


Are there no men left in California who could have defended that woman?

Is California completely wussified?

**11/14 8.16 pm**

Update....Gay Terrorists send White Powder to Mormon Temple.

Gee, these hate-filled lefties are really intolerant and live up to my characterization of them as dangerous and unstable people. It looks like the world is starting to shape up as foreseen by those Jack Chick tracts of my childhood...

Here is more information about Homosexual Marriage and God's view on the abomination.


Looks like Jack Chick's view on homosexuality. Presuming to know the mind of God is a pretty big stretch, even for evangelicals.

Freedom of religion means that one interpretation of one religion doesn't get to hold sway over everyones' lives. The anti-gay, discrimination crowd makes a biblical argument against these committed, loving relationships. That isn't constitutional.


Glad to see you still lack reading comprehension skills...or is it that you chose to ignore the evidence that these people are anything but loving?

God did tell us what is on His mind. It is called the Bible.