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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Homofascism In California, Part Three
Remind Me Again Who The Haters Are?

Today I received word that for the safety of the drivers of the big rigs all "Yes On 8" signs on the back of the trailers must be removed. Too many drivers are being attacked by supporters of "No On 8," and in the latest incident a bottle was thrown at one of the drivers.

One of the arguments in support of Gay Marriage before Proposition 8 won in California was that it won't affect those of you that have a moral obligation to attempt to preserve the sanctity of marriage. "Gays," they said, "only want to have the opportunity to marry. It will not affect you, or your children."

In California the voters approved Proposition 8 which amends the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Had Prop. 8 lost, the proponents of the proposition would have accepted it and planned for the next attempt through the voters to define marriage as between a man and a woman - and the Gay Community would have proclaimed victory and cried out that they had the will of the people on their side. . . but the homosexual community lost, and they became violent.

After church on Sunday, leaving the parking lot, on the sidewalk Gay Rights Activists slammed their hands on cars, screamed "haters" and profanity, and were flipping us off as we tried to pull out on the street.

Why has the Gay Agenda become an image of thuggery and anarchy?

Is it because Christians, Mormons, and other folks who support preserving traditional marriage, rejected justifying their immoral activity. The gays, who said that gay marriage would not affect us, have decided that either I denounce my faith and turn my back on thousands of years of Biblical teachings, or else I deserve to be painted with profane language, and injured through violent means.

Remind me again who the haters are?

Source: Political Pistachio  (a man who has faced the violence and thuggery of the Homosexual Agenda)
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These Homosexual Advocates are certainly behaving just like characters out of a Jack Chick Publication.