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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sparks Fly Regarding Application For Asheville City Council,
Conservative Activist Disemvoweled

The Carolina Stompers have been reviewing the applications for consideration to be selected for the seat being vacated by City Councilman Holly Jones. 

Chad Nesbitt, founder of the Stompers, has been trying to contact Gordon Smith about the application he submitted, and (in typical liberal fashion) he has been "disemvoweled" [1] [2] by the blog admins at the progressive group blog Scrutiny Hooligans. 

That is what I get for stepping away from the local scene for a couple of days...but at least I can count on the Carolina Stompers to keep an eye on things while I am away.


Just to clarify your statement - Admin disemvoweled Nesbitt weeks before the City Council thing came about.

I have contacted Nesbitt and responded to his inquiries.


Thanks, I'll correct that in the post. I still think it is wrong to disemvowel people...but at the same time it is funny.

This was too good not to post about. 8)