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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Country Deserves Better Press Release and
The Growing Tsunami of Pro-Palin Networks on the Internet

The Following is a press release from the Our Country Deserves Better Committee:

(SACRAMENTO) -- The New York Times has reported on their Caucus Blog about an upcoming television ad campaign thanking and defending the honor and character of Governor Sarah Palin. The pro-Palin television ad campaign will air nationwide around the Thanksgiving Day holiday. (See the New York Times report here: )

The pro-Palin ad campaign is a project of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee (website: ) which raised approximately $1.3 million during the general election to support the McCain/Palin ticket and oppose the Obama/Biden ticket.

The Our Country Deserves Better Committee will be filming the ad next Monday and had not planned to announce the new ad campaign until around the time of the film shoot or post-production of the ad. However, a reporter for the New York Times is on the committee's email list, and when she contacted the organization, we decided to cooperate with the Times.

The ad is being produced specifically to honor, thank and defend Gov. Sarah Palin in the wake of several unfavorable media reports which included criticism from anonymous sources.

The members and supporters of the Our Country Deserves Better Committee have been impressed with Gov. Palin's honor, candor and dignity during the recent presidential campaign. We applaud the way in which she has generally articulated her conservative viewpoints with an optimistic and hopeful style similar to President Ronald Reagan.

Further news releases and information about the upcoming ad campaign honoring Gov. Sarah Palin will follow in the days to come.


Governor Sarah Palin was the bright spot of the McCain Campaign, so much so that local conservative activists Randy Thomas and Richard Bernier have launched a website called "Draft Sarah Palin for President 2012" and Richard has told me they have had over 50,000 people sign up over the last few days.

I run videos on this blog from their shared TV Show called Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV in Buncombe and Madison Counties.

It is my fondest hope that conservatives take the right lessons from this election, and learn to develop their base more fully, and get them engaged, and actually involved in getting out the message in the 12 months before the primaries start...and have people at the polls everyday of early voting in North Carolina.

From what I am seeing...people in our party still have no clue what happened to them or why.

Oh, and on the DRaft Sarah movement, I have found several dozen websites devoted to getting Sarah to run in 2012. Here are some of the others who promise to have new daily content:

Draft Sarah 2012 Blog

Team Sarah

Read My Lipstick Network

Team Sarah Yahoo! Group (this is so old school...I have been trying to wean local conservatives off mailing lists without much success)

Smart Girl Politics

My question is this...which of these groups have the smarts to use the Internet to leverage out the largest audience?

My answer...which ever group chooses not to work in secrecy, and creates the largest collaborative network.

I have been trying to create a collaborative network of conservatives myself, but have been stymied by local conservatives not caring enough to participate. That is a shame...